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What's the difference between subconscious mind and unconscious mind?

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    Subconscious mind is where you store your data and your personality... Conscience is where you are thinking and logical.. You know when you are about to go to sleep and you don't think you just lay there, I believe that is when you are in your subconscious mind... Subconcious you do unconsciously, aka without thinking...

    Also I believe that if you can program your subconscious, you're able to program your personality... Cuz how you respond, personality, is without thinking (subconscious) unless you choose to create the habit of being conscience & think b4 you act... Being able to act (conscience) instead of react (subconscious) to situation and people.

    Source(s): My own reasearch on hypnosis
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    It depends on the person you are asking or the theory you are considering. There are conflicting ideas on this.

    The subconscious mind effects the unconscious mind. Neither can really be controlled by the individual. The unconscious mind is only active when the individual is asleep/unconscious.

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