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MUSLIM in a NON-MUSLIM country? How hard can it get? SMART HELP PLZ (mostly non- muslims) xD?

Im a 14 year old muslim girl, living in Australia. People stare at me like im a criminal as soon as they see me wearing my muslim clothing (hijab). At school, students come to me telling me im a terrorist and islam is the most dangerous religion ever known, and they say that muslims are retarded criminals because of their religion. They think im awkward because i dont do this common teenage stuff, no dating, no romantic relationships, no sex before marriage, no tight flashy clothes. I dont mind any of those rules, but they just cant stop bugging me about it. They show me pictures bad things done in afghanistan, and pictures of "muslim girls and women" in bikinis.

I explained them more than once that those people only think themselves as muslims, but because they broke all the rules and conditions of islam, they are definitely not considered as muslims. i also told them that the conditions of islam DO NOT mention anything about terrorism, but is totally against it. Even my non- muslim best friends know properly how islam focuses on good behaviour, respect, values of life, and most importantly education ( education is considered as valuable as prayers are.). I explained them that our prayers allow us to give some time to stay connected to god, and at every prayer we thank god for everything that is provided to us no matter how bad situations become.

Ive never done any harm to anyone, and was never willing to, but it seems to me that everybody is scared of me (except for my close friends), and everybody thinks im weird. Im not even from afghanistan, and im still too young to understand whats going on in there and how there culture is affecting their islamic laws negatively.

Most of them seem to not understand what im saying. TRUE that sometimes i feel im different from everyone else in my school, but now i realised that i dont think im doing anything wrong, AM I?

Every person has his own thoughts and beleifs and thats what makes us different, but we should never allow this to affect us negatively. As long as we are not harming each other, we should not be sensitive in dealing with such situations. Alot are having the wrong impression about me and my religion, and are turning against me.

A person has to know about any religion before he is against it, and sometimes its not the religion's fault that lots of people are breaking the islamic laws or misusing it, giving the wrong impression, and in such cases, ONLY PEOPLE should be blamed not the religion.


this will allow us to interact and understand each other more properly, HOPING THAT WE COULD REACH A SOLUTION TOGETHER ( people from different beleifs may understand each other)


thnx.... xD

Peace to everyone :D

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    Im a new muslim. I dont have many of those issues as of yet. But most of the people on here isnt helping you as much. For that i am sorry.

    Please it is NOT wrong for you to want to keep your faith. Most people are cruel all over the World including the USA(mostly in my views).The USA has had it way to easy so they judge others because they are bored. SAD!! The USA is ignorant. And alot of places wont give someone a true chance.

    No someone should never be blamed for their religion, EVER! Its wrong and will always be wrong. The thing is most people dont want to know anything. Ignorance is bliss! is what alot of peopls say becuase they say if i dont know any better then i cant be blamed. That is SAD and WRONG! Someone has told me that when someone picks or torments you about a religion or way of life its because they know you have something special that they Dont have so they are cruel, Im sorry bout that as well.

    With the war going on right now, alot of people are going to be stupid and not listen to someone. Like in the Christian faith, there are bad like goods as well. There are Christians who burn or destroy abortion building(abortion is wrong) but you see all faiths have a few bad eggs and because of them, the non_volient people have to live with ther bad hype.

    About the pics and everything, just know that what their showing you is wrong and some people DONT want help at all so they couldnt care less if you told them its wrong. Its right of you telling them it but they cant or dont want to care so just know your trying to help out.

    Right now with the war (in alot of cases is terrible)(i feel its because of the oil that Those countries poessiess, the USA wants it) everyone will see a terrist, In the USA alot of people i know see a terrist out of CATS(true) ...

    So i hope this helps some. Alot of your anserers on here was rude and ignore it. For that i am sorry.

    May Allah bless you young lady!!!!!!!! And your family!!!

    Pease be to all!!

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  • 4 years ago

    Salam :) I'm a Muslim teenager living in Canada. I wear hijab alhamdullilah and it's for the most part accepted here since i live in a big city with a sizeable Muslim population. I do get the few ignorant comments and idiots at school though who ask stuff like "yo got a bomb under there hahaha". But the hardest part is being different from your friends. Being a Muslim, parties, alcohol dating boys wearing revealing clothing etc is haram, and while I don't want to do that anyway, it can be a little awkward to have to explain why I don't do it to people who consider it just a part of being a teenager and its ordinary to them. Muslims living in Muslim countries definitely have it easier when it comes to fitting in. And with food it can be a little tricky but I always try to read the label if I'm not sure of the ingredients. But I wouldn't wanna be any other religion no matter how difficult it gets and how different I feel from everyone else, I'm glad to be Muslim :)

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  • 9 years ago

    As long as you truely and completely believe in Islam then it doesn't matter what anyone thinks.

    I was always ashamed of being born muslim and hated ever bit of it.Hated not being able to do what EVERYONE else was doing; I hated being the outcast all the time.Although I had some amazing friends who accepted me for who I was I still hated not being able to go out with boys or hold their hands and stuff.

    Hated every bit of it!

    Until I understood it....I was a junior in high school.After really understanding Islam and why we had restrictions and guidelines it really didn't matter to me.Even kids who came up and made terrorist jokes I'd just laugh along and make funnier jokes about terrorist or add some more details to the original joke.Its weird how your whole life changes once you've made a decision that you understand.And before you know it school will be over and so will life....

    Eff those haters yo!YOU'RE AWESOME AND THEY'RE JUST JEALOUS!And I'm pretty sure they know nothing about Islam except what they hear on the news (lies and misconceptions).

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  • soup
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    9 years ago

    the very fact that you do not live in an Islamic country, but maintain your customs will always draw negative attention from the locals, because Islam has been portrayed to the world as a belief of negative as a result of world wide terrorism perceived to have been done by muslims.

    Your customs and traditions,clothing's etc, are now seen as a negative impact in their world. Some of your ways are not accepted in today's world for example covering the face and driving, covering the face at the banks, malls, etc.

    the list goes on, but you get the idea.

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  • 9 years ago


    Islam = NOT = Muslims.

    for Islam is NOT what muslims do, but what muslims MUST do.


    What would you call a religion whose beliefs, practices and followers are being bashed and bad-mouthed in practically every sphere of activity, in almost every corner of the globe, yet it attracts ever-increasing numbers of people?

    A Paradox? A Miracle ? Or simply, The Truth: Islam.

    People are brainwashed thinking Quran teaches violence and hate. Read BELOW

    Myth: Islam teaches suicide bombing and terrorism

    Fact: Islam prohibits killing others and suicide Quran 4:29

    Myth: Kill all disbelievers

    Fact: Kill disbelievers only if you are attacked by them, but if they stop, you must stop Quran 2:190 2:191 2:192

    Fact: Islam teaches to live with the disbelievers in peace Quran 8:61 43:88 43:89

    Fact: You cannot force a woman into marriage in Islam Quran 4:19

    Fact: Islam teaches to be kind to your enemies, unless you are attacked by them, then fight them Quran 41:34

    Fact: You cannot force the religion on anyone Quran 2:256

    You see the "violent" verses are only the verses of self defence, last time I checked self-defence was the law

    If you want to have a brief illustrated guide to islam, please consult the link below:

    @my 14 year old sister in faith and humanity:

    Assalam o Alalikum

    Keep correcting the misconceptions spewed by the media into the ignoramuses and keep spreading the light of islam!

    May Allah guide us all to the path leading to paradise


    Please do watch this one video:

    JIHAD-Answering Evangelists & Liberals -Nouman Ali Khan (Part 1)

    Youtube thumbnail

    Source(s): Does Quran says to kill the kafir Non Muslims Dr. Zakir naik Does the Quran say dont take Jews and Christians as friends? Why are most of the Muslims fundamentalists and terrorists? and How can Islam be called the religion of peace when it was spread by the sword? Is islam a religion of peace?
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It's not easy for non-Muslims to live in Muslim countries either. I had a transfer for a job in Malaysia once (eventually left), and it was not easy to live there as a Christian. Getting the respect of neighbors and co-workers was an impossible task and the prejudice was very obvious in the country's legal code.

    but directly to your question, I do feel for you. All I can say is to stand your ground and make it clear that you have no interest in living for the world.

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  • 9 years ago

    only That Who really is the true Lord God of (the) Good is the True, and only the right faith in Him is the Right - this is the Lesson number one and every believer must start from here and to remain Faithful to the end

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  • 9 years ago

    Your parents made the decision of living in a western country yet raise you in non-western ways. They should have known this would bring you some despair.

    Live with it or move into a cave.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Just curious. If Islam considers education to be so important, then why is it even still a religion? Or will it not let anyone study philosophy or science? Only math.

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  • 9 years ago

    It can get very hard because the women in non-muslim countries are not covered in burkas. I get hard just looking at them.

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