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How do I get to Camden Market from Birmingham, new street station.?

Im coming from Birmingham 2 London, euston. What tube is best to get camden market from Euston? I am also going on a saturday! What time will be best to get there and what is food like there?

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    new st -> euston

    then you can either get a northbound northern line tube, bus or walk to Camden Town. Saturday is going to be rammed though, if you imagine the bull ring on a Saturday and multiply the density by about 3 you'll get Camden.

    As for time I would go in the early evening (6/7pm) to get cooler weather and slightly less crowds. Bear in mind Camden Town tube station is shut for entry from 1300 to 1730 on weekends

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    Euston and Camden town are on the same tube line ( northern ) so take it towards Camden town and I'd say around 1 cos of the atmosphere it's pretty cool there. They have Chinese food there but also other food if you carry on walking down

    Source(s): I go there quite alot
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    Look at TfLs web site.

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