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JJ Hardy or Angel Pagan?

I know they play completely different positions but I'm not in desperate need for any specific position, I'm just looking for the best fantasy option to come off my bench when need be...

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    I like Hardy. He's always had great potential, but he really seems to be coming into his own this year. And SS is a harder position to fill than OF, you can always find a decent OF option down the road if someone gets hurt but SS is much harder to fill. When Hanley Ramirez got hurt on one of my teams, Hardy made me barely even miss him.

  • 10 years ago

    JJ Hardy is doing really good. He had a home run and RBI his last game. He batted .323 his last seven games. He is batting .301 with 155 points this season.

    Angel Pagan is batting .255 with 137 points.

    The proof is in the stats.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I prefer Pagan. His start was awful. Then a DL stint. Now he's playing like last year which gives you pretty good stats in avg, runs, and especially SB.

    Hardy is a better real life player than fantasy player.

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