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Apartment near Foxboro, MA with good Indian community?

I moved to US last week and my office is in Foxboro MA. My wife would be joining me in couple of weeks. She is new to US and she would like to stay in a apartment with good Indian community whom might help her to settle and to make good friends.

Please let me know if you know of any such apartments near by Foxboro, Attleboro, Norwood.


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  • Hank
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    9 years ago
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    I assume when you say "Indian" you refer to Asian Indian.

    I could be wrong because in the USA population demographics change so much but it is my impression that in Eastern New England the preponderance of SE Asians (Bengalis and Pakistanis as well as Indian) are concentrated in the area of Boston's universities, medical centres and high tech industries, particularly in the Cambridge/Watertown/Waltham area.

    You should contact the Indian consulate in Boston, or visit some of the Indian shops or restaurants or temples in the Boston/Cambridge/Waltham area and inquire.

  • latz
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    3 years ago

    Indian Community In Boston

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