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jose reyes a brewer? trade inside, thoughts?

brewers trade




player to be named later/cash consideration

mets trade


* loe would help them out and pitch more, limit k-rod innings, making it possible to stay under 55 games.

gamel could play a utility power bat for them, or even play 3rd base, shift over turner to 2nd, and tejada at SS(if betancourt wouldnt start) saves them money, maing it possible to keep other big names(beltran, k-rod, wright) til end of the season instead of the trade deadline.


or the brew crew trade narveson instead of gamel, giving them a good reliever, or starter.. brewers would add estrada to the rotation to replace him.

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    The Mets made it pretty obvious today that they're probably going to finish the season with Reyes. Sandy Alderson said pretty much even if the Mets are out of it, that it shouldn't effect their decision with Jose.

  • Antoc
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    9 years ago

    Well if they do want Reyes, they're going to have to put up a much better offer than that!! First off, Loe is trash, why would the Mets want him? Yunieski Betancourt is pretty mediocre too, and not someone the Mets want to build around in the future. Gamel, sure. But if the Brewers want Reyes they have to basically trade away all their top prospects (because they traded away the others to get Greinke). Is it worth having a completely depleted farm system? Well, maybe, if the Brewers continue to contend for a playoff spot. I wouldn't be surprised if they pull off a trade for Reyes because they've done it before (CC Sabbathia rental), but considering Prince Fielder's likely departure this winter, if the Brewers fail to win the world series this season then the trade would be a total bust. You would have no farm system and would also lose Reyes because he's not signing an extension with anyone mid season. S

    So in all, the offer has to be much, much better. It is also very risky.

    The Mets probably won't trade him though, I think Sandy Alderson is going to try to resign him somehow.

  • 9 years ago

    OH MY GOD!! Acceptable for the Mets? The only chance this trade would go down is if Omar Minaya was still the Mets GM. This is stupid. Bettencourt= Awful. Loe=Awful. Gamel=The only player in this trade that could be a contributor to a decent team, but he's still 25 and barely played any Major league ball. And these scrubs for hands down one of the 3 best players in the NL right now? Come on. If the Mets trade him they're going to rape somebody's minor league system. And the Brewers with their 30th ranked farm system have absolutely nothing of value to give up for Reyes. This might be the dumbest thing i've ever heard. Get out of fantasy land bro. I'd love for the Cubs to trade Soriano to anybody for a box of cracker jacks, but it isn't happening either.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Any trade involving reyes to brewers would take Mark Rogers and Kentrail Davis to start and then Betancourt and Gamel/taylor Green would have to go too. It wouldn't be easy to aquire Reyes but I am all for it if they can get a player of reyes' talent

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  • 9 years ago

    Dude are you serious? Loe and Betancourt plus two others for a guy like Jose Reyes? Loe is complete garbage and Betancourt is mediocre at best. And this is coming from a diehard Brewers fan. It would be awesome to see a guy like Reyes in our lineup but keep dreaming, man.

  • 9 years ago

    Sandy Alderson would laugh at this proposal, the man wouldn't want anyone elses garbage, especially when he has the Bronx right across the river.

    I doubt if Jose will be traded, but the thing that annoys me is that this organization has a history of letting players walk and receiving absolutely nothing in return; 21 years ago they let Strawberry walk and got nothing back, and they let him walk over a garbage contract that they could have equaled or exceeded.

    If they have no intentions of resigning Jose, then trade him and get pitching prospects, that's what you need when you play in a park like Citifield, not garbage from goddamn Milwaukee.

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    All the talk I hear about Jose Reyes on ESPN Radio in New York (mainly Ruocco and Lundberg, sometimes Mike Lupica), I'm thinking Reyes will stay on the Mets until the end of this season.

  • tant
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    4 years ago

    figuring out to purchase Ramirez especially lots signaled McGehee's departure. He relatively scuffled final 12 months after have 2 very stable seasons previously. i comprehend the A's have been finding at McGehee in the time of the season final 12 months and the Brewers prob. coulda gotten lots greater from the A's than Veras. yet oh properly. Brewers are shaping as much as be a great group whether they lose Fielder.

  • Brad
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    9 years ago

    Somewhat of a one-sided trade (for the Brewers), but it would be pretty acceptable for the Mets. I would try to put in Estrada instead of Gamel, because if Prince leaves via free agency, we wouldn't have a 1B for 2012.

    But, as good as all of this sounds, it sounds like Reyes wants to finish out the season as a Met, at least at this point. I don't see why he wouldn't want to be on a contending team for once in his life, but I guess that's his choice.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If the Mets only got that for Reyes, the fans would go crazy. At that point the Mets would be better off just taking the draft picks after Reyes walks.

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