stlantmo asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 9 years ago

who is getting the better deal of this trade?

Mark Teixeira

Corey Hart

Josh Hamiltion

Placido Polanco

Troy Tulowitzki


Gaby Sanchez

Jose Bautista

Alexi Ramirez

Brandon Phillips

Jay Bruce

Jose bautista and Jay Bruce have been really slowing down lately, and corey Hart and Josh Hamiltion have started to heat up a little bit...what do u think? I think The first group is better..

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  • 9 years ago
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    this is just dumb. all ur doing is switching teams with someone. why not be a REAL fantasy manager and fix the team you have without trading them all away...

  • 9 years ago

    Team 1 is definitely getting the better deal. Tex is superior to Sanchez, and Tulo is a MASSIVE upgrade over Ramirez. Polanco is about even with Phillips so far this year (though he's a bit behind in my rankings for the rest of the year). You lose the Hamilton/Hart for Bautista/Bruce part of the deal obviously, but Hamilton is better than Bruce when healthy so you're upgrading 3 players to downgrade one.

    It's a close, even deal... but I like it.

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