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Songs like these? (Trance/ Dance)?

Im looking for songs similar to "Aint No Rest for the Wicked" by Cage for Elephant. Not westerny but sort of upbeat guitar, I don't know. :)

Also I really like trance/dancey music, can you recommend the best?

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    Try these ...

    1. Above & Beyond, Kyau & Albert vs. Oceanlab - Clear Blue Anphonic (Andrey Nova Bootleg)

    2. Robbie Rivera feat. Lizzie Curious - Departures (Cosmic Gate Rmx)

    3. Pamuya - Drops Of Emptiness (Original Mix)

    4. Ronski Speed pres. Sun Decade - Follow You (Vosk Rmx)

    5. Espen Lorentzen feat. Simon Latham - Heart (Temple One Presents Tu Casa Rmx)

    6. Mike Shiver & Elevation vs. Nic Chagall - Sky Blue Hurricane (Anuj's 'Boston Summer' Mashup)

    7. Mango - Here We Go (Original Mix)

    8. Conrado - Should I Know (Kamil Pankowski & Ers 'Mighty Love' Rmx)

    9. Danjo & Andrew Shartner - It Is Written (Danjo Mix)

    10. Nitrous Oxide - Downforce (Mike Shiver's Garden State Mix)

    11. Shogun feat. Emma Lock - Save Me (Original Mix)

    12. Nadia Ali - Ride With Me (Shogun Extended Mix)

    13. Cosmic Gate vs. Randy Boyer - Broken Barra (DeVille Mash Up)

    14. Cosmic Gate vs. La Bouche - In Your Barra Life (Myon & Shane 54 Mashup)

    15. Electro Blues feat. Limmo - Angels (Antony Reale Club Rmx)


    1. Trancemaster - Way To Paradise (Original Mix)

    2. Ilya Soloviev & Poshout - Leaving Planet (Original Mix)

    3. Andy Blueman & Reconceal - The World To Come (Andy Blueman Rmx)

    4. Marcos feat. Emi Jarvi – Cosmic String (Activa Vocal Mix)

    5. Blue Tente feat. Stine Grove - Heading Home (ReOrder Rmx)

    6. Blue Tente pres. North Sight - Runaway (ReOrder Bangin Mix)

    7. Poshout feat. Victoria Raznyh - Fallen World (Ilya Soloviev Rmx)

    8. Ilya Soloviev - Universal Universe (Poshout Club Mix)

    9. Gary Maguire feat. Senadee - One Way Today (LarSson & Lucas Comes Bootleg)

    10. Jackson & Perry - Days Like This (Baz Lalor Rmx)

    11. Envio - Touched By The Sun (Kirill Titov Rmx)

    12. FKN feat. Jahala - This Is The Only Time (Vascotia Mix)

    13. Foundry vs. The Doppler Effect - Believe In Deep Beauty (Kaeno Mashup)

    14. Ferry Tayle & Static Blue - L'Acrobat (Original Mix)

    15. A.M.R. - Elevation (Jonas Hornblad Rmx)

    16. Armin van Buuren feat. Susana - If You Should Go (Aly & Fila Rmx)

    17. Anhken & Adrian - Intuition (Sunny Lax Rmx)

    18. Dima Krasnik - Rise 2009 (Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic Rmx)

    19. Arctic Moon - Afterworld (Matt Skyer Rmx)

    20. Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto - Lunarium (Daydream Fantasy Vocal Mix)


    1. SHato & Paul Rockseek - Wonderfooled (Duderstadt Rmx)

    2. Re-Zone & Zmey feat. Alisa - One Love, One Life, One Fate (Original Vocal Mix)

    3. Fragma - Everytime You Need Me 2011 (SKJG Project Rmx)

    4. San feat. Therese - Kissed By The Sun (S1dechain Rmx)

    5. DJ Observer & Daniel Heatcliff feat. Hannah Ray - With Me (Original Vocal Mix)

    6. Simmons & Blanc - State Of Emergency (Original Mix)

    7. Alex Larichev feat. Holly Prothman - The Same Way (Luigi Lusini Rmx)

    8. Alex Lager feat. Ange - Love Me Deep Inside (Ilya Soloviev Progressive Mix)

    9. Dred - Csak A Hold (Jason Mill Sunset Mix)

    10. Tenishia feat. Aneym - Stranger To Myself (Mike Shiver's Garden State Mix)


    1. Way Out West feat. Joanna Law - The Gift (Gui Boratto's Fallopian Mix)

    2. Cosmic Gate feat. Jan Johnston - Raging (Duderstadt Rmx)

    3. Roger Shah feat. Nadja Nooijen - Over & Over (Nuera Rmx)

    4. Smooth Stab feat. Aelyn - These Words Between Us (Dmitry Bessonov Rmx)

    5. C-Systems vs. Andain - Beautiful Daylight (Tommy Reid Mashup of DNS Project Rmx)

    6. Istar Project And Di - Curtain Call (Progressiver Rmx)

    7. Armin van Buuren feat. Jaren vs. Dobenbeck feat. Joanna - Unforgivable Go (SayMoon Mashup)

    8. Sultan & Ned Shepard feat. Nadia Ali - Call My Name (Max Graham & Protoculture Extended Mix)

    9. Evgeny Bardyuzha & Soarsweep feat. Manon Polare - Ceaseless (Original Mix)

    10. Proff vs. Solid Sky feat. Jama - Going Around The Glittering Puzzle (Mash-Up)


    1. Arty - Twilight Tonight (Original Mix)

    2. Cold Concept & Ange - Release Me (Cloudivers Rmx)

    3. Jason Van Wyk - Dream On (Protoculture Rmx)

    4. Fine Touch feat. Ange - Why Can't I Fly (Original Mix)

    5. EnMass feat. Cari Golden - So Please 2010 (Alexander Popov Rmx)

    6. Nitrous Oxide feat. Aneym - Far Away (Ronski Speed Rmx)

    7. Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab - Lonely Girl (Mike Shiver's Mix)

    8. Santerna feat. Marcie - Finding Happiness (Beat Service Sundown Rmx)

    9. Stanislav Beta feat. Jules - Will I Ever (Samuel Jason Rmx)

    10. Johan Malmgren - The Right Chords (Samuel Jasons Sun Drenched Mix)

    Hope this helps!

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    ok ive have been given the album in case you desire the track itemizing mail me lol or you would be able to get the track itemizing on line no count if my fav track of the 2d is darwin feat pearl blue dont be lonely its a very truly truly stable track!

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