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Why are Python Snakes not illegal to buy and sell?

This is a revised question: I just watched a news Report about a 6 foot Python found behind a fast food restaurant. If these snakes grow to such a great size and people end up having to throw them out in dumpsters or somewhere else. Doesn't this pose a great risk to people's lives and other pets and to our ecosystem. And If someone should buy a snake like this- shouldn't they be first able to prove they have the income and resources to care for a snake like this that can grow beyond the length of vehicles(15ft etc). I think if you allow a snake like this to be sold-you put a whole community and their kids at risk of an attack or even death-almost half of the deaths have been kids and babies. Dogs and other animals have killed even more people-but they pose no threat to out eco-system. And most households even the most adorable videos you find online are kids playing with dogs.

An estimated 100,000 pythons now roam the Everglades, a problem created by pet owners freeing snakes into the wild. The survival of the Everglades, and South Florida’s entire ecosystem relies on removing and halting the introduction of dangerous non-native wildlife,” Between 2000 and 2004, roughly 65,000 Burmese Pythons were imported into the United States. Imagine how many are in the US now. Then imagine how many are released. I bet you any many that if ownesr let go even 1000 pit bulls and other dogs to rome wild, there would be an outcry. But guess what-you want have idoits saying: well they allow people to buy and release pythons. And the other idiots say-well dogs kill more people. You can't compare these snakes to dogs or cats or rabbits etc Pythons are dangerous non-native wildlife. They will destroy our ecosystem. This is the obvious reason they weren't placed here by nature or the creator in the first place. There is suppose to be balance Nature. People are so selfishly thinking about their momentary rights of owning pythons and never think about what happens when hundreds of thousands are released. They are busy justifying it by saying dogs kill more people. While our eco system is perishing, Our government or States, especially Florida have to use our money to hunt the snakes in order to preserve our eco system, tourist are not going to the evaglades as much because hundreds of thousands of Pythons are chilling there, .............

This is ridiculous- I recently saw a youtube video with some young people showing swag with snakes around their necks at a beach- making fashion statements etc but never thinking the snake will grow past 15 ft and they will have to release it.

This is one of those cases where people have to learn the hard way_ You can't debate with them. Just like a man who has to learn by getting slaughtered by a pet tiger in his New York apartment. You heard that a pet tiger- I bet he would say_well dogs kill more people- I have a right to have a tiger. Never thinking what might happen If the tiger got out his apartment etc. Having a right does not make something sensible or right. In some places they believe they have a right to kill in the name of politics, religion etc but having a right does not always mean something is right. If a zoo left its cages open and a snake got out and killed someone-You don't think that would draw attention. It should draw even more attention knowing thousands of snakes are being released every year. But nobody cares until the problem hits home.

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    What does religion have to do with this? You say the "creator" didn't put them in the Everglades. What a joke! And what is your point? If you don't like it, go petition your Congressman. Yahoo answers isn't the place for you to get on your soapbox and preach about things you know little about. Personally, I don't care what you think. You are ignorant. Studies have already proven that there are not as many as you think there are nor are the majority of them the result of people letting them go. You apparently don't like snakes and want everyone to feel the way that you do. All you know is what you saw on some news story. Why aren't you complaining about cigarettes and automobiles, which kill a heck of a lot more people than snakes? Guess what? I breed Burmese pythons and you can kiss my a$$. I only sell to people over 21 who have snake experience, but even I can't control anything beyond that. Any moron can go into a store and buy a gun, but I don't hear you crying about that. This is the pets section, not the tree hugging crybaby section. Go join PETA beeyotch. And you're calling other people "idiots". Take a look in the mirror "Brown Sugar". What kind of guy calls themself "Brown Sugar" and asks questions about if a pair of pants is too big?

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    wow talk about someone that has not facts on the subject at all, they can grow beyond the size of a car lol not sure about you but i dont see many 1200 pound burms or retics running around... and like mad said dogs kill like 20 people a year and you dont need a permit or a background check to go get a pitbull,rot, or anyother dog that is known to become aggressive and attack people... dylan i dont know what you are talking about but in 15 years of keeping reptiles i have never ever seen a person do a background check, i dont know how long you have been into reptiles but id love to see a site that says they do background checks.. some people will ask for a reference but id hardly call that a background check since anyone could give a friends name out to get a good reference

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    There is no point to making them illegal, people would still buy them, it would just cost more money. Look at the history of this country, we do not like being told we can not do something. If they were made illegal more people would get them just to prove they could. I say chip the snakes and when they are found the person who as bought it will get a huge fine.

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    I wouldn't mind seeing some restrictions, or maybe a person having to prove that they have the knowledge and the facilities for such an animal.

    As far as why they're not banned.

    Well, they've tried but it's been unsuccessful.

    Besides, many people would simply get them illegally anyways.

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    why are cats and dogs not illegal to buy and sell? dogs are dangerous animals that seriously harm and kill thousands of people each year and roaming and feral cats do destroy the native ecosystem! we spend millions a year to run shelters where they stay a few week and need to put down because of unresponsible pet ownership and overpopulation. we accept cats do prey on native wildlife but we shoot foxes and coyotes that are native for exactly this reason. isnt it sick? and now we talk about how to ban a few thousand snakes that cause a hand full of accidents in opposside to millons of cats and dog that cause thousands of accidents what we totally accept.

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    this question has ignorance written all over it. I didn't bother reading this whole pointless rant, but seriously? illegal? as with all pets there is an assumption of responsibility that comes along with the purchase or adoption of an animal. they wouldn't make dogs illegal because some people choose to fight them, turning them into vicious killing machines in the process. making laws doesn't do anything. i will agree that there is a problem with uneducated people buying pythons/boas, but making a law so that the responsible reptile enthusiasts can't even own one is proposterous. the problem is with stupid people not doing their research. not with the law.

    EDIT: props madsnakeman. couldn't have said it better myself (and indeed i tried lol)

    also, on a more personal note. based solely on this "question", i would have to say that i hate you and i sincerely hope you get strangled by a glorious, majestic python in the near future.

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    Well in some places they are illegal but people buy them anyways. But yeah, people should be required to have a license of some sort to own any exotic pet like a large snake or big cat or anything.

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    I totally agree with you! People buy pets like these not thinking about the consequences. Its like a fashion statement or a "must have" of the moment, people don't realise the responsibility that comes with owning ordinary animals, let alone wild animals.

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    I agree with you on this. People should not be allowed to own pets that are not indigenous to the place where they come from. While I am sure that most people that own exotic pets are responsible, there are far to many who are not and they escape and kill someones family pet. They could kill someones child and I would be all for the owner ending up in prison for that. For all of you people who insist on bullying and insulting the poster for his/her question remember where you are. You may not like the question that someone ask but you have no right to insult and berate people for asking it. It is against TOS to do so and know that you have been flagged.

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