I need help on finding a motorcycle/scooter to commute to school with?

okay so lately i've been thinking about getting a motorcyle/scooter because i need a way to get me from home to school and back instead of relying on my parents for rides. i don't know how many miles but its takes about 10-15min to get there with a car and most of the travel is done on the streets so about 25-50mph streets.

so what i'm looking for is something that is gas efficient and mileage efficient. can travel on streets and maybe one the freeway but im more worried about the cost of the bike and gas so if its a lot cheaper to get something that can go on streets but not highway, i'd probably go for it. anything under 1000$ is okay but thats got to be the highest. my price range is actually 500$ up or down but i set the limit at 1000$. if i can, i'd like to get one that has a classsic look like the ones you see in itally in romantic movies, just cause i think thats pretty neat. but if not, its fine. i care more about saving money and mileage efficiency and gas and stuff.


i'd also like to mention that i want something that won't get stolen easily. a mini bike or a moe ped or those little ones, those can get stolen easily. i dno't know if scooters that require key can. i just know though that at our school bikes do get stolen so i wouldn't want sometihng that could easily be stolen.

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    Get a stand up gas scooter, like a GoPed, or ScooterX, if your local laws allow it. They go about 20 miles an hour, use very little gas, and are a blast to ride. On top of that, (at least where I live, in Oregon) they require no Drivers License, registration, nor insurance. Just be sixteen or older, have no restrictions from obtaining a license (if you've had your drivers license revoked or suspended, then it is unlawful to ride anything motorized on the street), always wear a helmet, and have proper reflectors and lights in low visibility conditions (night,fog,etc) and you are good to go. You can ride on any 25mph street, or any bike lane on faster streets. They cost around 300-400 dollars new, but you may be able to find one much cheaper, used. I bought my Xracer for 50 bucks, sunk another 60 into it to fix it up (it needed brake pads, cables, etc-fun and easy to work on, too) and it was the best 110 dollars I've ever spent. I love this thing. I have a two mile/five day a week commute to and from work, with some treacherous (even for a car) hills, and my scooter gets me there on time, every time, on about a half a liter of gas. It folds up, and weighs 45lbs so, if you do get a ride, you can put it in the trunk and parking it is easy (I stash mine, and lock it, under our back porch at work). I ride right past cops, and they just smile and wave. I've Been riding it for 6 months, and no problems. Check your laws though, as different states have different restrictions. Good luck and hope it works out for ya! (Also, you may want to look into motor assisted bicycles, too).

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    I go back and forth to take my daughter to institution. We cross through bicycle. I do not discover it demanding. On the opposite, it is as a rule the excellent aspect of my day. Fresh air, endeavor. If there is a site visitors jam a motorcycle can transfer round it, however such a lot most commonly I simply wait my flip - in any case, if you are taking a motorcycle, there is in no way a rush. Then there is the self-trust that biking in site visitors - blending it up with autos and vans - brings. And no fuel required. We do not ever go back and forth some distance - three miles tops - however that is seeing that my spouse and I continually pick a position to are living in which we will be able to cycle and stroll in all places we must cross. So many men and women believe biking is detrimental, however statistically it is the most secure variety of individual transportation. I believe men and women are loopy to force a <five mile go back and forth whilst there is the choice of cycling it. It's fricken nuts - I think like I've observed the ultimate automobile and practically nobody else desires to check out it, and even supposing they do take a look at it, they do not look to find it irresistible, LOL. It's a exchange-off I bet - they are inclined to take delivery of a enormous per 30 days fuel invoice and a loopy-lengthy go back and forth in relative alleviation: I'd as an alternative are living nearly the whole lot, get a little of endeavor and spend the further money and time I store through now not commuting 10/20/30 miles through auto on matters I wish to spend them on.

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    Stick with a used car cause you can ride those in any weather. Rain and scooters/motorcycles do not mix plus they are inherently more dangerous than a car. A used scooter/motorcycle for $1000 is likely to be undependable too. Better yet, rely on your parents for rides until you can afford a better used car and forget the motorcycle scooter. I own 4 scooters and have owned lots of motorcycles, but I would not want my daughter to drive one. Your parents would worry sick about you.

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    I have bought a few motorcycles under for 1000 dollars or less, but never one for less than 500. Things at this price point can be pretty hit or miss, but your best bet is an older dualsport. Scour craigslist.

    Heres one near me that would be ideal for your needs: http://austin.craigslist.org/mcy/2437617158.html

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    For anything decent, $1,000 is on the lower end of the spectrum.

    I suggest you talk to your parents about anything on two wheels and if they agree to see it your way than maybe they would help out by co-signing on the purchase of a decent scooter.

    Source(s): Bought my first bike 47 years ago, my $467 for a new Honda S90. Things have changed.
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    Mini bike!

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