Can someone tell me what the name Joel means in Hebrew?

Most names have a meaning. As Hebrew is the first and pure language, what does this name mean? Example: Jesus means Anointed One.


The name and title of the Son of God from the time of his anointing while on earth.

The name Jesus (Gr., I·e·sous′) corresponds to the Hebrew name Jeshua (or, in fuller form, Jehoshua), meaning “Jehovah Is Salvation.” The name itself was not unusual, many men being so named in that period. For this reason persons often added further identification, saying, “Jesus the Nazarene.” (Mr 10:47; Ac 2:22) Christ is from the Greek Khri·stos′, the equivalent of the Hebrew Ma·shi′ach (Messiah), and means “Anointed One.”

I stand corrected for Christ means Anointed One.

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    Biblical names hold significant meaning. To start, the name Jesus actually means: Jehovah is salvation, not God is salvation as some have the custom of saying. Anointed one actually is equivalent to Messiah or Christ. The name Joel means: Jehovah is God.

    Source(s): THE BIBLE
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    Joel means [Jehovah is God} There are a lot of men named Joel each important in what they did for the Hebrew nation, the most important is the one who wrote the book of Joel the son of Pethuel { Joel 1:1 } Virtually nothing is known about this prophet's life. From his references to Judah, Jerusalem and Jehovah's house there it may be inferred that he prophesied in Judah and perhaps resided in Jerusalem [1:9, 14: 217, 32: 3:1, 2, 16-20 The fact that he mentions the 'low plain of Jehoshaphat' [3; 2.12 } implies that he wrote his book after Jehovah's great victory on behalf of King Jeoshaphat. But the exact period involved is in question

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    Jehovah is Almighty God...He is, Is He not? For me, when I hear the name Jehovah in any name, I give Him The honor that is due my creator, By remembering Him as he truly is, The almighty Jehovah is God, By Presenting Him in Glory and honor, reminding all of His power and His rightful sovereignty! Magnify His Holy name to the highest of heights.. to the throne of Jah Himself.. Agape, edit.. besides, I may be the only one who is right and what others have written means nothing, Jehovah is almighty God.I am right , and what is more I know it... Isaiah 42:1-25

    Source(s): My great love of my almighty God and Father, Jehovah, the God who has told us His name means He causes to become, He causes to become..
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    For boys: • Jethro -- He was the man whose daughters found Moses into the desert and brought him back to his house and fed him. • Gideon -- He was chosen by God to defeat the Midianites. He doubted his own abilities and tested God three times, however he was successful and united the Israelites against their common enemies. • Nicodemus -- The member of the Sanhedrin that stood up for Jesus when he was on trial. • Zechariah -- Elizabeth's, Mary's cousin's, husband who played a key role in Gods plan of salvation by being the father of John the Baptist • Ezra -- often known as Ezra the Scribe is one the most highly regarded Judaism. BQ-- • Joel -- was a prophet and wrote his own book which is in the Bible For girls: • Zipporah-- Jethro's daughter whom Moses marries. • Jemima -- She is one of Job's three daughters. She is considered one of the most beautiful people in all of the land. • Keziah -- Jemima's sister, also very beautiful. She and her sisters got an equal inheritance from her father which was unusual. • Phoebe-- responsible for bringing Paul's epistle to the Roman Catholic Church. She was a deacon or servant to the Church.

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    Jehovah is God

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    First a note:

    Jesus does not mean Annointed One.

    Moshiah means Annointed One

    Jesus is a Greek/Latin transformation of a Jewish name.

    The most likely Jewish names that resulted in Jesus is either Yehoshua or Yeshua - either of which is Joshua in English and mean "god saves"

    Yoel is a weird name.

    "Yo" (or "Ye") is usualy a prefix to refer to God (ie: Yehudah, Yeshua)

    and "El" is usualy a suffix that refers to God (ie: Raphael, Michael)

    So most names are "Yo"+attribute or attribute+"el"

    This name seems to be combining both ie: "God"+"God"

    It may be that the origin is a reference to the Shemah:

    "Hear oh Israel, the Lord is your God, the Lord is the sole God"

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    Jehovah God or Jehovah is his God.

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    It means Jehovah is Lord.

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    The name ends in ''el" so it probably an angelic name, as far as a deep meaning goes I'm not sure.

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    Coffee is God.

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