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Why is my dog coughing up white foam/liquid?

Before you say anything i am taking her to the vet but he's really expensive and he won't tell us squat and when he does tell us he starts dishing out all sorts of illnesses i don't think even he knows what she's got

anyways do you guys know why my dog's coughing up this white foam or i guess liquid dunno but other than that she's perfectly healthy

please help me out guys i just wanna know if what she has can be cured so i can continue her treatment at another vet. Best answer gets 10 points


oh yeah dunno if it helps but my current vet gave me 3 kinds of pills to give her one's red tablets, the other's long white tablets i think they're called DHC 60 and the other's are sulfatrim 80/400

Update 2:

oh and lolz my dog isn't a puppy she's somewhere around 7 years and we never find time to take her out so it couldn't have been contact with other dogs but i guess she could of found something to eat from the house or in our little garden...

Update 3:

charlie simmons i'm really worried here so i'd appreciate it if you take your pathetic humor elsewhere

Update 4:

yeah she's had this for at least 2 weeks now and to tell you the truth my current vet is starting to think she has sandfly but i just checked a site and those aren't her symptoms so i dunno o.O

Update 5:

thx a lot samantha and yeah you're right haha i'm just a teen so i don't pay but my dad's already feeling the hole in his pockets lolz like i said this vet's expensive

Update 6:

nope it can't be grass lolz my dog prefers meat and practically any food we eat but for the rest of the day she eats her dry food

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    Dogs do that sometimes when they have eaten something that doesn't agree with them. That is also why you sometimes see them eat grass. It makes them throw up what ever they have eaten and also helps to settle their stomaches. When a dog vomits , sometimes it is foamy liquid. My dog did it all over the rug a week or two ago but was fine after that. Sometimes intestinal parasites will cause this. As for rabies, not likely. That virus attacks the nervous system and travels to the brain in a matter of a couple days after symtoms start. It paralyzes the throat muscles so they can't eat or drink without extreme pain and die soon after that symptom appears. I am a retired Animal Control officer of over 16 years and have worked many rabies cases. I have also found that dogs sometimes like to play and eat lizards. Some are poisonous and can also cause this type of vomiting as will contact with certain types of toads. If you are not happy with this vet, take your dog to a different one as prices vary with each vet as well as being frank and explanitory to the owners.

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    Look, I'm going to get straight to the point here.. It could be a number of things, but from what I have seen with my dogs It is possibly an infection or it may be that the dog could have been poisoned from something it ate.. Again I must emphasize that it could be anything.. But try and get the dog to at least drink some milk. This may help if it is a poison. But one thing you cannot afford is to let the dog become dehydrated. It needs liquid! I must also emphasize here that i am not a vet. Just try what I said and then get the dog to a vet ASAP after Easter. P.S. It is extremely unlikely that it is rabies because they don't cough up the foam, rather, it accumulates and froths around their mouth. Hope it helps and i hope the dog will be ok.

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    My dogs cough up white/yellow foam after they have eaten grass. (they are just making their stomach feel better)

    if this has been a constant thing, her food may need to be changed(if you change foods, look for one with no animal by-products).

    I have a dog that had the same problem, around 7-8 years old she kept eating grass(because she did not feel well) and when I changed food to one that was more healthy (and a tad more expensive) she stopped eating grass and coughing the foam.

    Good luck with your dog!

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    Infectious tonsillitis is passed from pet to pet through close contact, coughing and sneezing and through contaminated food, water bowls and other objects. It is most common in toy breeds of dogs and puppies. The two tonsils normally lie in deep crypts or crevices at the far back of the mouth. With certain infections such as kennel cough, the tonsils enlarge, partially obstructing the pet's throat. Usually both tonsils are affected. When enlarged tonsils become inflamed and ulcerated the pet will spend hours trying to cough them up. This is a retching, violent cough that usually ends in a gag producing foam. These pets will sometimes paw at their mouths. Vets will treat this with a two-week course of antibiotics such as trimethoprim/sulfa. If the tonsillitis returns frequently, then it's generally recommended to remove the tonsils.

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    Why is my dog coughing up white foam/liquid?

    Before you say anything i am taking her to the vet but he's really expensive and he won't tell us squat and when he does tell us he starts dishing out all sorts of illnesses i don't think even he knows what she's got

    anyways do you guys know why my dog's coughing up this...

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    My dog does that if he is dehydrated or if there is grass in he vomet, that means that your dog had an upset stomache, so he ate grass to make himself vomet so that he would feel better. If not don't worry because my dog does that about onceevery two weeks. If it is more frequent than that, I would get it checked out at a DIFFERENT vet! I wish you the best of luck!!!

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    Sounds like a reaction to a food he shouldn't have eaten - chocolate, onions, and some other foods are toxic to dogs - if he did eat something and is actually foaming at the mouth then he needs his stomach pumped. quickly.

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    I think its normal because when I had my shiz tzu she use to have the same problem but nothing was wrong with her. if you take her to the vet they will feed you bull **** and you will walk out with a hole in your pocket. so if I were you id do some research on it then figure out what is best to do. I think it comes with dogs as they get older so you shouldn't worry and I hope everything turns out fine with your dog:)

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    Last time my dog did that he had jsut been sprayed in the face by a skunk and so was barfing. Also seen it happen when they eat a cleaning chemical.

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    Sounds like rabies but I could be wrong, but yeah dont let the dog bite you and get a different vet

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