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因我8月要在美國生bb, 而我是持旅遊簽証入境美國, 逗留期限是9月, 所以有需要申請延期居留.



如申請理由是因為大肚, 申請會被拒嗎?




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    1. Use USCIS Form I-539 with supporting documents.

    2. If needed, they will schedule one.

    3. In 90% of the cases, the holder of B1/B2 Travel Visa will be denied for extension (not because of your pregnancy).

    The reason is simple - most people do not have a compelling reason to stay beyond 6 months - and trust me - pregnancy is not a compelling reason.

    Unless it is necessary, try not to extend. Otherwise, even though you will not overstay regardless (pending I-539 petition will still make you "automatic extension" until approval), your future admissibility will be impacted.

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    除非你犯咗法,你可以隨時離開美國, 但:



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    - USCIS Form I-539 can be found in USCIS website at

    - Chinese anchor baby as yours was a hot topic recently. You can see in MSNBC news at:

    - I don't think they will ever approve your extension as your intention is not related to "Visit" at all. Since it was on news already, they are well aware of this.

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    我不清楚閣下有否搞錯或誤會, 美國很小机會; 會給外國人士持旅遊簽証入境美國超6個月的, 也許你的簽證有效期祗有9個月, 絕對不會給你逗留超六個月, 特別是女士且懷孕人士.

    女士要延期居留是很小會申請的, 即使申請也99%被拒絕況且懷孕;. 但要合法留美超九個月, 唯一方法就不要申請延期, 在第五月離境,外遊1-2天( 除加拿大), 第3天回美, 如此再可居留六個月.

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