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英文 問題有人能教一下嗎

What are your hobbies and pastimes?What's your hobbies and pastimes? 哪一個正確?這個問句回答完之後 要反問是要怎麼問 有人跟我說一下嗎? 另外問一個 你害怕什麼(東西/事情)? 這英文是什麼 回答者要反問 要怎麼問?

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    正確的是What are your hobbies and pastimes?

    因為你問的是hobbie"s" and pastime"s" 是複數!

    所以要用 are

    反問...我會說 How about yours? (那你呢?)


    英文應該說..What are you afraid of? 就可以了

    如果要細節一點就說.. Are there any particular things that you are afraid of?

    反問要說 How about you?

    注意是you 不是yours 喔!!

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