Fashion experts! (: How do you wear Doc Martens Mary Janes?

I have these, and I don't know what outfits it would look good with.

Do I wear them with high socks? Or... what socks do I wear them with? When I wear tights the shoe becomes very loose. Plus, it's summer and tights are a bit hot.

Fashion experts please help! Here is the shoe:

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  • qris
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    9 years ago
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    Mary Janes are more of a typical fall/spring shoe which is why tights work. Since you are using them as a summer shoe, I'd suggest you keep these to days when you wear pants or big events that require socks if you don't know what to wear. otherwise, these are great for slightly dressy short skirts and shorts especially brighter floral and bright white or yellow. if you were Japanese I'd say throw on your tangerine skirt (which is popular there from what I understand). Try to only wear these with very vibrant colors or at least brighter colors if you are going to wear skirts and shorts. There's an elle fanning pic floating somewhere with her wearing a similar pair and she has chosen the right outfit for the shoe.

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    Mary Jane Docs

  • 9 years ago

    Doc martens are more for loose and casual clothing...

    So id say wear them with shorts!...and wear the doc martens loose not so tight and "formal looking".

    A casual t shirt or v neck or loose tank top would look veryyy nice!

    P.S NO long socks!

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