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What would you change: MY TOP 50 ALL TIME (IN ORDER)?

Excuse me if its kind of biased coming from a Lakers fan. But i did put Bird infront of Magic/Kobe

50.Reggie Miller

49.Ray Allen

48.Rick Barry

47.Dennis Rodman

46.Clyde Dexter

45.Elvin Hayes

44.Bill Walton

43.Allen Iverson

42.James Worthy

41.Manu Ginoboli

40.Gary Payton

39.Sam Jones

38.Dwight Howad

37.Paul Pierce

36.Isaih Thomas

35.Dave Bing

35.Robert Parish

34.Willis Reed

33.Kevin McHale

32.Dave Cowens

31.Chauncey Billups

30.Jerry Lucas

29.Steve Nash

28.Walt Frazier

27.Dirk Nowitzki

26.Jason Kidd

25.Elgin Baylor

24.Bob Cousy

23.Julius Erving

22.Oscar Robertson

21.Jerry West

20.Scottie Pippen

19.Dwayne Wade

18.Moses Malone

17.Kevin Garnett

16.John Stockton

15.Lebron James

14.Tim Duncan

13.Charles Barkley

12.David Robinson

11.Patrick Ewing

10.Karl Malone

9.Shaquille Oneal

8.Hakeem Olajuwon

7.Wilt Chamberlain

6.Bill Russell

5.Kobe Bryant

4.Magic Johnson

3.Kareem Abdul Jabbar

2.Larry Bird

1.Michael Jordan

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    I think that is a great list.. You did a great job with the players you selected, I would only disagree with some of the order..

    Karl Malone at #10/John Stockton at #16.. Those guys played together for like 18 years. If they were 2 of the top 16 players to ever play, they would have won a title. I would have Malone in the high teens, and Stockton in the 20s.

    Patrick Ewing at #11... This pick makes no sense to me. Ewing had a pretty decent cast for a lot of his career, and didn't win a ring. You have to have a ring to be that high.

    Tim Duncan at #14.. Yeah, way too low. 5 combined regular season and Finals MVPs. Enough said.

    Oscar Robertson at #22. Too low. He was one of the 3 best players in the league for quite a while.

    Julius Erving at #23.. Yeah, again, too low. I think he's top 15. He changed the game the way very few players have.

    No Bob Pettit.. This probably just slipped your mind, your list is too good to completely leave off a player like Pettit.

    Chauncey Billups at #31. This is the only player I saw that I thought had no business being on the list. And I love Chauncey Billups. He is a pure winner. But he has career stats of 15 points, 6 assists, 3 rebounds. And those numbers will just fall even farther now that he's out of his prime.

    LeBron James at #15, Dwyane Wade at #19.. LeBron has a good shot at top 10 someday, and Wade could definitely be top 20.. But not today.

    Isiah Thomas at #36. Personally, I have Isiah and Stockton real close, almost a coin flip.

    Kevin McHale at #31.. Again, probably shouldn't be on the list, and if he is, it should be pretty low. He was the 3rd best player on 3 championships. That kind of makes him a slightly better Lamar Odom.

    Clyde Drexler at #46. A little low..

    Picks I loved....

    Jason Kidd at #26. A lot of people would put him a lot lower, but he is one of the top 5 PGs ever, and should be in the 20s.

    I liked your top 5. I thought that was pretty accurate.

    Scottie Pippen at #20. Not many people would put him this high, but again, like Kidd, he was one of the 5 best players at his position to ever play the game. Impact on the game was huge. Was pretty much the first forward that could also bring the ball up the court and set up a play like a PG. Was so underrated in that aspect, he might be the best passing SF ever, including Larry Bird and LeBron, 2 amazing passers.

    Overall, great list.. It was fun critiquing.

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    That's the Top 50 players in NBA:

    50) Paul Arizin

    49) Sam Jones

    48) Paul Pierce

    47) Hal Greer

    46) Willis Reed

    45) Dirk Nowitzki

    44) Steve Nash

    43) Walt Bellamy

    42) Bob McAdoo

    41) Bob Lanier

    40) George Gervin

    39) Gary Payton

    38) Jason Kidd

    37) Alex English

    36) Dave Cowens

    35) David Robinson

    34) Dwyane Wade

    33) Walt Frazier

    32) LeBron James

    31) Dominique Wilkins

    30) Clyde Drexler

    29) Kevin Garnett

    28) Patrick Ewing

    27) George Mikan

    26) Kevin Mchale

    25) Bob Cousy

    24) Charles Barkley

    23) Scottie Pippen

    22) John Stockton

    21) Elvin Hayes

    20) Isiah Thomas

    19) Rick Barry

    18) Julius Erving

    17) Moses Malone

    16) Karl Malone

    15) Bob Pettit

    14) John Havlicek

    13) Elgin Baylor

    12) Kobe Bryant

    11) Shaq

    10) Tim Duncan

    9) Hakeem Olajuwon

    8) Jerry West

    7) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

    6) Oscar Robertson

    5) Bill Russell

    4) Larry Bird

    3) Magic Johnson

    2) Wilt Chamberlain

    1) Michael Jordan

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    Duncan is over Barkley and Wilt is top 5. Even I am a Kobe fan I still think he's top 10 but not top 5.

    Awesome list.

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  • @Lakers for a 3-Peat has the best answer. His list/reasons and your list were very interesting to look at. Gotta love lists.

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    Whos Rick Barry?

    Replace him with Brandon Jennings

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  • ..
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    9 years ago

    i didnt read all of it but kobe too high, manu should be below AI, and billups is too high, overall not a good list

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  • 9 years ago

    just take allen iverson off your list and you are good.

    and cudos for putting billups up there

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    A lot

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  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Where is Pillay

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    9 years ago

    You have ISIAH THOMAS at 36 and Allen Iverson at 43 and DAVE BING ahead of them??? KILL YOURSELF.

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