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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesDancing · 9 years ago

How to make your own pointe shoes? (not for classroom wear)?

While ordering my first GMs, I was looking up reviews/thoughts/opinions about them. I ran across a forum that mentioned an Alabama girl winning the state (or some other) science fair with her invention of pointe shoes built with a carbon fiber type shank.

(So, alternative type materials used in pointe shoes to prolong life.) I was wondering if anyone could give me information on how to do something like this, or direct me to a site that could.

*note, I wouldn't wear them in class or for performance. The most I'd be doing would be rolling up/down on them.

Thoughts and opinions are welcome!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Making pointe shoes would cost about 10 times more than buying the most expensive pair you could buy and the chances of it being safe without years of training on how to do this, is remote.

    A state science fair that judges inovation but doesn't base it on a professional dancer's use of the pointe shoe does not mean that this is a good design for dance. My guess is she just replaced the shank of her already made pointe shoe with a carbon fiber one. One would wonder what that would be like to break in and how much support that would really give. people have been trying to reinvent the pointe shoe for years and years and aside from Gaynor Minden there have been no real alternative to the the traditional shank that has actually been an improvement.

    EDIT: I found an article on what you were talking about and it seems she molded the materials to the individual dancer's foot. It was made from fiberglass and carbon fiber. Sort of a poor man's version of GMs. If you read it, you will see the design of the shank had not been finalized and that the curvature of the shoe was in the wrong place based on her design of combining box and shank. Because of their nature and no breaking in, I don't see a point of making a shoe like that to just rolling up and down. You would also have to know a lot about dealing with those materials. (ENO31)

    Source(s): Old enough to see many changes in pointe shoe design.
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  • 4 years ago

    sure I danced pointe for seven years or so. they only made my ft bleed the 1st week. After that i individually enjoyed it. complicated artwork yet properly worth it on point. no longer a stable profession determination although, I had to retire at nineteen ha. fortuitously I went to college and function a stable long term pastime now

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