What do you think are the best known Rivalries in NHL, NFL, and MLB in the United States?

My friend I have argued over the rivialries in those three areas of sports. you don't need to have a huge list, maybe the top three-five in each area. but I'm just curious about what you all think are the top rivalries in those areas.

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  • 9 years ago
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    MLB: Red Sox vs. Yankees, Cardinals vs. Cubs, Dodgers vs. Giants

    NFL: Bears vs Packers , Steelers vs. Ravens, Colts vs. Patriots

    NHL: Blackhawks vs. Red Wings, Flyers vs. Rangers, Penguins vs. Capitals

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  • 3 years ago

    Baseball: Yankees -- pink Sox. it quite is the contest in which all diverse rivalries are judged. what share rivalries have produced books like "The devil Wears Pinstripes" by utilising utilising Jim Caple. soccer: Any 2 NFC East communities. The fans of the Eagles, Cowboys, Giants and Redskins truly hate each and every different in a ability it quite is lacking in maximum diverse divisions. i admire the Colts-Patriots energy, even with the undeniable fact that it quite is quite new. nevertheless, the Indy crowd booing the 14 365 days historic lady from New Hampshire interior the bypass, punt and kick opposition places them interior the american enthusiasts degree of boorishness. Basketball: interior the 80s it became Lakers--Celtics, even with the undeniable fact that the Celts have been no exhibits for form of 18 years. permit's desire that it gets reignited this 365 days. Hockey: Canadiens--Maple Leafs. arms down.

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  • JV
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    9 years ago

    all i know is NFL,so here you go:

    Cowboys vs Redskins, Bears vs Packers, Ravens vs Steelers, Colts vs Patriots

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