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Do I sound like someone who's been through a lot of traumatic events or am I just melodramaticc?

Witnessed Domestic abuse since the age of 3.

My dad has beaten my mom about once every 3 months,pushed her down stairs.,kicked he rout of the house naked,put a knife to her throat... My mom said she was going to Poison my dad in his food but she never followed through.

My father is also an alcoholic and drinks and leave the house daily. He's always in and out of work and my mom refuses to get a job because she "has kids". We all just depend on our father and my mom takes half my checks from my job so she can go "thrifting" for herself.

My mom also hates me because I look so much like my father who she hates. She calls me a fat piece of sh*t (I'm 5'7 and I weigh 125lbs), Ugly, deserves to be laughed at (she knows I have social anxiety disorder so she plays on that) ,a loser, a freak, a moron. She idealizes my 12 and 6 year old sisters and treats them like her best friends. I don't get dinner unless I make it myself. I'm 17 . She refuses to let me drive or have a license so I can be dependent on her so she'll have one more thing to hang over my head. She hates me even more than my father,who abuses her.

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    It sounds like you are in a very scary situation and yes, I do believe you are being traumatized. Have you thought about calling a crisis line (a local one) and trying to find resources in your area to be able to get out of that situation? If you have Internet access, you can look up crisis centers for teens. It sounds to me like you are trying to be responsible by having a job. Maybe a teen crisis center can help.

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    No you are not. You don't deserve this and neither do your siblings.

    Your parents obviously have deep rooted insecurities,pain,anger and problems and as adults and ur parents they are completely in the wrong. Could you rent somewhere and that way your mum can't take half your money? Make sure that you please don't give up on your education,take advantage of any support you can get-Libraries can be a place to grow,find peace and broaden your horizons. Work on your social anxiety at your own pace but keep going with it,be your own best friend and say to yourself- c'mon girl we will succeed because we CAN and we deserve it!! CHIN UP EVERYDAY:).

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    You're not melodramatic at all, and you're going through real traumatic experiences. She's not feeding you, she calls you names, and she hates you. This isn't normal! But don't feel bad because it's not your fault! Try reading a few of these websites!

    Help for abused people

    Info on domestic abuse

    A list of chatrooms you can go on

    And a website where you can talk to a live supervisor! (Day hours only)

    Hope I helped! :)

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