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If someone is arrested or goes to court are they legally supposed to be arrested if they have a bench warrant?

My BF's ex/daughter's mother, has had a bench warrant for 4 years. The last two years she has been able to go to court, has been arrested, and has had child support warrants lifted. The bench warrant was for not going to court for driving without a license and driving without insurance. She has had court in one county for child support and for custody and in another county approx. 60 miles away she had a bench warrant. During this time my BF was ordered to give her custody for a weekend where she was arrested for domestic assault. We just now discovered that she had a bench warrant the entire time. She was however finally arrested for this bench warrant. But why is it that she was never arrested for it before and was allowed to go to court for custody and was allowed to have child support warrants lifted? And is there anything we can do against that county's court?


This all has taken place in the state of Michigan

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