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I am confused in choosing what to study next.?

I have done BS in Environmental Planning and Management Sciences and i have a Post-graduate diploma in Disaster Preparedness and both things i had GIS(geographic information Systems) Common and i am interested in Geography and Computers naturally so i want to do MS in GIS but i am confused that will it be a good choice considering the market value and jobs,as a substitute i am considering Sustainable Development,please suggest what should i go for but the point is that i can make good money.yeah i know its not all about money but lets be realistic money is important.

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    I would recommend looking at corporate safety jobs. Where I used to work, there was someone who had to create plans for environmental issues (city waste water, chemical discharge, etc.), work with engineers to create a safe environment for workers and also for the local habitat, and also, they were the go-between the plant and government agencies. They made lots of money and really had a good job making sure everyone was protected and your local environment was kept intact.

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    Business is ALWAYS a good choice no matter what you want to do. It helps you understand people, the market, how to manage, etc. You can always find something you want to do in that broad scope.

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