Why do games run better off my laptop battery and choppy when its plugged in?

when my laptop is plugged in it runs games all choppy. like playing hellgate it seems every step forward i take my character stops for a split second. but when i have it running off battery its smooth as ever. same with other games like world of tanks. it runs at 12 fps while its plugged in and 30 fps off the battery. is there any way to change it cause its annoying only playing for 2 hours and then needing to recharge it for 2 more.


wow thanks. went to the the power settings only thing different was ati card was set to maximize performance when plugged in and maximize battery life on battery. changed to maximize battery life when plugged in and they run perfect now.doesnt make sense but it works thanks alot.

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    10 years ago
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    Your laptop is set up to save power when running on the battery, and be set for higher performance when plugged in. Click on the battery icon, and select High Performance. If you don't see that, go to Power Options in Control Panel.

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    it must be extra sinister. a typical element i've got seen fail on laptops is a failure the place the A/C %. plugs into the laptop. It wears out via apply. try this rapid try. Take out the battery from the laptop and attempt to run the laptop off right this moment A/C. If it runs, you recognize that's the battery. (they do circulate as nicely). If it would not, you recognize that's the two the capacity %. or the circuit from the capacity %. to the laptop. the only thank you to attempt if that's the capacity %. in case you have a similar one. i'd circulate to appropriate purchase or something comparable that sells capacity packs. tell them, you think of the A/C %. is going, and you desire to attempt it. Run the try without the battery in returned. see in case you have an issue. i think that's the circuit that feeds the DC capacity into the battery. i've got seen this fail diverse cases. that's reason the extra cases you plug it in, and unplug it, it wears out the little wires connecting it to the capacity supply/battery circuit. the only thank you to repair that problem is a sparkling motherboard.

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    Try putting it on high power mode by going on battery settings and your graphics card will have a setting in it that controls performance on battery ati have it so do intel and nvidia. I dont know which one you have so i cant give instructions for that.

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    Your power settings are probably configured all weird. Like it's set for "performance" when on battery and "energy saving" when plugged in.

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