Terraria: Change background lighting of Corruption Zone?

When you enter the Corruption Zone on Terraria, the background light changes to become a little more orange and darker in color, to give an intimidating effect.

My idea is to mine all the corruption purple grass and replant with normal green grass. If I replant it all with normal green grass and trees and all this, then block it off with stone so the corruption will not spread,,,,

Will the sun lighting in the background cease to change upon entering? If I were make it all nice green grass and eliminate all purple corruption, will the sunlight in the background still change to the creepier, darker ligthing upon entering the area were the corruption was?

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  • 9 years ago
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    The lighting will return to normal if you remove all of the background and ebonstone blocks in that area, much like how the meteor blocks work. I would not recommend doing so, since it will take a long time, but if you have the time and determination to do it, be my guest.

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    4 years ago

    Yes. That's what other people are FOR. I do things at home. At the office, I'm all about being served. And I say that with two syllables - ser. ved. More regal that way.

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