Can a sheriff from my county write me a ticket once I am within my gated community (apartment complex)?

I had a sheriff without his running lights on, parked in front of my complex trying to pull people over around 10:30 P.M. I was playing music in my car fairly loud when I pulled in to the complex and saw the Sherriff's vehicle so I turned down the music fully and scanned my gate card entering my complex, . The officer flipped his headlights on and begun following me into the complex, after the officer followed me almost all the way to my apartment he flipped his lights on and pulled me over giving me a ticket for a sound violation. Later I heard that Officers were not allowed to pull you over once you enter a gated community (apartment complex) because it is considered private property. Is this true, and should I challenge this and bring it to court?

I'm a full time college student, so paying this ticket is at the bottom of my list.

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  • q S
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    9 years ago
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    Can a sheriff issue a ticket inside a gated community? of course they can.

    Can a sheriff deputy follow a vehicle, suspected of committing a violation, into a gated community? Yes

    Can a sheriff investigate a crime that occurred in a gated community? Yes

  • Bruce
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    9 years ago

    As long as the officer observes a violation while you are on a public road, he can follow you on to public property. The officer is not allowed to enter structures, but is allowed on private property while on official business.

    Having a law like you describe would be dangerous. Everyone would scramble for their driveway anytime they thought they were getting pulled over.

    By the way you describe it, it sounds like one or more of the residents there complained about your loud music, and he was there specifically waiting for you.

    Worst case, you can request the court to make payments over time.

    Source(s): Law enforcement since 1991
  • Stop taking advice from morons.

    He can OBVIOUSLY follow you onto that property and write you a citation. He could have followed you around as you drove around the block for three hours, gone back to the station, waited until next June, came back, and issued you the citation.

    You broke the law....act like a grown up and take responsibility for your actions.

    And you better put it at the top of your list because if you don't pay, a warrant will be issued and your fines will go up.

  • jimbo
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    9 years ago

    You have my deepest sympathy, deafness must be a most frustrating thing to have. It is quite annoying to have the police pull you over for having the sound up so loud it can be heard outside of your car, but did you explain that you are deaf? Unfortunately you have committed a moving traffic violation, so the cop was within his purview to follow you to your apartment. But look, my advise is to go to court and tell the judge that you do not mean to annoy the other residents of the complex, with your continual noise at all times of the day, waking up their children and waking the guys that work shifts..Who knows, he may be deaf too.

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  • 9 years ago

    There is no "base" from which you are immune from being stopped by the police.

    You committed a violation on a public street and entered the complex before he stopped you.

    That ticket will stand.

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  • HD
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    9 years ago

    the police can give you a ticket anywhere they want, besides, you broke the law outside the apt complex, on a public street.

  • erdman
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    3 years ago

    it extremely is city properties isn't it? it extremely is in all probability a variety of "apartment neighborhoods" the place you do no longer extremely very own the exterior of your place. That way they could be sure you do no longer paint it an unapproved colour or enable the backyard turn brown. those are truly time-honored in Florida.

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