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Top 10 athletes of all time?

1. Don Bradman

2. Pele

3. Wayne Gretzky

4. Tiger Woods

5. Michael Jordan

6. ...

7. ...

8. ...

9. ...

10. ...

Can you complete my list?

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    How about these 5?

    Wilt Chamberlain - dominant basketball player and was a dominant track and feild athlete in college.

    Deon Sanders - Great football player, very good baseball player. Won a championship in both sports.

    Bo Jackson - Another 2 sport athlete who excelled at both.

    Usain Bolt - Worlds fastest man.

    Michael Phelps - Worlds greatest swimmer.

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    1. Don Bradman

    2. Pele

    3. Wayne Gretzky

    4. Tiger Woods

    5. Michael Jordan

    6. Joe Montana

    7. Babe Ruth

    8. Arthur Ashe

    9. Muhammad Ali

    10. Richard Petty

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    If by athlete, you mean best player at their own sport, then the next 5 would look like this, even though I would change up your first 5 a little bit.

    6. Muhammed Ali

    7. Lance Armstrong

    8. Jim Brown

    9. Michael Phelps

    10. Hank Aaron

    H.M. Joe Montana, Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth

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    6. Larry Bird

    7. Kobe Bryant

    8. Brett Favre

    9. Walter Peyton

    10. Wilt Chamberlin

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    Jack Johnson

    Roberto Clemente

    Gayle Sayers

    Nate Archibald

    Bjorn Borg

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    6. Sachin Tendulkar

    7. Roger Federer

    8. Pete Sampras

    9. Usain Bolt

    10. Rafael Nadal

  • 9 years ago

    Mohammed Ali

    David Beckham

    Sebastian Coe

    Boris Becker

    Joe D'Maggio

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    9 years ago

    6. Usain Bolt

    7. Jesse James

    8.Kevin Durant

    9. LeBron James

    10. Spudd Webb

    Retarded list

  • 4 years ago

    Lupe and Rajon Rondo -Neither get enough credit for all they they do. Lil wayne and Kobe -Get TOO MUCH credit T.O. and 50 Cent -That's pretty self explanatory.

  • 6.Brian Scalabrine

    7.that penguin from Billy Madison - by far the most athletic penguin ever

    8.Tony the Tiger - He makes his teammates better with frosted flakes - part of a complete breakfast

    9.Ron Artest - he balls, he raps, and he fights - unstoppable

    10.Pikachu - his Quick Attack is a beast

    You would have to be a dumbshit to dislike this because its incorrect. Does it make you feel smart because you can dislike an obvisiouly wrong answer...the nerve of some people

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