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關於英文will與be going to的用法?

以下兩個對話,紅字的部分,請問為何是用will 而不是用be going to?


1. A: I have a note for Joe from Rachel. I don't know what to do with it.

B: Let me have it. I will give it to him. He's in my algebra class.

A: Thanks. But you have to promise not to real it.

2. A: Did you know that Sara and I are moving? We found a great apartment

on 45th Street.

B: That's terrific. I will help you on moving day if you like.

A: Hey, great! We'd really appreciate that.


因為剛好學到will與be going to的用法

書上是說will與be going to都是表示將來要做的事


be going to是之前就做的決定

練習中還有好多例題是要判斷用will 或 be going to 填空

所以我不能理解的是這兩題為什麼是用will 而不是 be going to?


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    此兩處都用 will 是示強烈的意志,

    I will give it to him......我一定會交給他.

    I will help you on.....我一定會幫忙.

    所以不能用 be going to (來去動詞) 來代替,因 be going to 只表示未來式的時態


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    BEN 好友:

    be going to 和 will 基本上是差不多的,但有時在強調某些事情時,還是有一點點的差別,

    will be helping them when they move 是未來進行式,好像有點不適用.

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    will 是和 be going to 在某些地方可以相通: (表未來式時 )

    I will go to States tomorrow.

    = I am going to States tmorrow.


    I will help you for sure.....我確定會幫你的.

    I am going to help you......我將會幫你 ( 可能會有但書)

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    Dear Host,

    雖然 ''Will'' and ''going to'' 字面上沒什麼差別, 但用法可差很多了


    指未來要做的是還沒規劃, 整理好( not planned)

    Going to,

    指未來的是已經規劃, 整理好( planned)



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    Source(s): ULTIMATE GENUINE ME (NOT ''GENIUS''), correction
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    will (未來式助動詞) 和 will (意志) 系出同源,表達主觀意願較強,用於 Promises, Offers to help, Request for help, Predictions about the future, Refusal of things 等

    be going to 主觀意志稍弱,描述一般意圖或本來就計畫好的事,用於 State a plan or intention


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    我覺得沒有很明確的規則耶! 語氣說起來有點細微的差異,但我覺得差異很小。

    我覺得如果你要很強調該動作,你就用will be V+ing,不然的話,就用簡單的will +動詞就好了。

    用你的第二個例子來看,如果有人問你妳要幹麻,且你想要強調help的話,你就可以說I will be helping them when they move. 他們搬家的時候我會幫他們。

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