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仲仲 asked in 藝術與人文歷史 · 10 years ago


I want to kown the Trade Policies of Agriculture of Taiwan in recent years,

Have some one could help me, or tell me where can find it, I have gone to Council of Agriculture,Executive YUAN .......

Thanks your help!!

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  • Paul
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    10 years ago
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    TO: 仲仲 版主: Just for yourreference: In 2001, agricultureconstitutes only 2 percent of GDP, down from 35 percent in 1952. The recordkeeping and development of the economichistory of Taiwan started in the Age of Discovery. In the 17th century, the Europeansrealized that Taiwan is located on the strategic cusp between the Far East and SoutheastAsia. Two main European empires that competed to colonize it were the Dutch andSpanish Empires. Taiwan also became an intermediate destination for tradebetween Western European empires and East Asia states. The history of Taiwan asa colony of the Dutch Empire, Kingdom of Tungning, Qing China, and Empire ofJapan between 1630 and 1945 was based heavily on economics.In the 1950s, the Republic of China (ROC)government, retreated to Taiwan after losing the Chinese Civil War, carried outland reform policies such as the 375 Rent Reduction. In the 1960s, the agrarianeconomy was replaced with light industry as small and medium enterprisesstarted to form. From 1966 to 1980, Taiwan's economy was gradually stabilizedas the Ten Major Construction Projects laid a foundation in further economicdevelopments. After the 1980s, the role of government in the economy graduallylessened as many government-owned corporations were privatized. A major turning point in Taiwan's economywas during the 1970s. The expulsion of the Republic of China (Taiwan) from the UnitedNations in 1971, the 1973 oil crisis, and the switching of American diplomaticrelations heavily affected the economy of Taiwan. But executive premier ChiangChing-kuo's Ten Major Construction Projects served as the basis for heavyindustrial development in Taiwan.

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    After the 1980s, Taiwan's economy began to stabilize. It eventually became one of the Four Asian Tigers as a dynamic capitalist economy.

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    The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis did not affect Taiwan nearly as harshly due to greater restrictions on the outflow of invested foreign capital than were in place in countries hurt by rapid capital flight.

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    The Chen Shui-bian administration in the 2000s focused on joining international organizations. Taiwan was able to join the World Trade Organization in 2002.

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