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In Australia, Victoria How did the Jika Jika prison fire in 1987 start?

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    it seems that it may have been started by some of the prisoners themselves. otherwise why would they have sealed off their areas, and then papered the windows?

    In a protest initiated by conditions in Jika Jika, inmates Robert Wright, Jimmy Loughnan , Arthur Gallagher, David McGauley, Ricky Morris and Craig 'Slim' Minogue sealed off their section doors with a tennis net. Mattresses and other bedding were then stacked against the doors. The windows in the day room were then covered with paper so the prison officers couldn't identify which prisoners caused the ensuing damage.

    Plumbing was then torn from the walls in the cells to enable the prisoners to breathe for when the fire was started, as Jika Jika was completely free of any fresh air whatsoever. It was a climate controlled division.

    In spite of the Men's attempts to avoid the toxic black smoke by breathing through the plumbing, convicted Russell Street bomber Craig Minogue was the sole survivor of the fire.

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    inmate started it.

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