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solar cells in yard lights?

what kind of solar cells are in the little cheap yard lights that are 2volts each and they are only like 1 inch whoever tells me the best spot to buy ONLY the solar cell will be chosen for best answer.

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    There are only two kinds of solar cells I've seen in yard lights. My guess is that cost is the main driver. The kind that has a uniform black appearance is amorphous silicon, the same kind used in very low power applications like calculators. The kind that has a galvanized, blue or black appearance is polycrystalline silicon. The latter is a better cell, and costs more.

    A variety of cells for projects may be found here . It's also worth searching eBay or even craigslist if you're in a tech region. On the retail side, an electronics store or electronics surplus store will have them, at a higher price.

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    These are small photovoltaic cells, and you can pick them up from Radio Shack for around $5 (0.8 inches by 1.6 inches). These provide quite a low output, as yard lights only need a small amount of electricity to power a few LEDs after storing power over nearly 12 hours. If you need more power, I suggest purchasing a couple of these solar cells. That'll make it easier to provide more power if you need it.

    I hope this helps.

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    solar cells are very useful and important to save the use of present fuel scarcity

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    the foremost subject right that's skill, that's voltage and cutting-edge mixed, no longer in basic terms the voltage. DC skill, in watts, is cutting-edge situations voltage. those little photograph voltaic lighting fixtures cost batteries, each physique has to have a battery to artwork at evening, so all of us be attentive to that they'd cost stuff up. even with the incontrovertible fact that, the skill from a photograph voltaic cellular is in lots of situations very small in cutting-edge (amps), and your computing device would take rather an excellent style of amps (hence watts) to cost. in case you look on the computing device's skill converter, it fairly is going to observed how plenty voltage and cutting-edge is geared up on your computing device. possibilities are high, it fairly is way greater beneficial than a stack of cells (under pressure out in series) can produce, whether they arise to 18 volts on their very own. you're able to desire a community of cells, countless stacks of 18-volt series-coupled cells, under pressure out in parallel, to get the essential skill to run your computing device. sure, that's costly, that's why you in no way see everybody doing it. take a glance at that motor vehicle DC-to-AC converter (inverter, genuinely). it fairly is going to say what proportion watts it could wisely grant. Then, look at what proportion watts your equipment takes. that's what proportion watts your photograph voltaic cells will ought to ought to do something useful with the one hundred ten volt AC output. Your PSP charger or charging up a cell telephone (no longer calling everybody) could be achievable, even with the incontrovertible fact that it fairly relies upon on how plenty cutting-edge those little photograph voltaic cells will generate (and it would be a diverse quantity counting on the cloud conceal, season, and lattitude you stay in).

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