Does anyone know any GOOD DRIVING SHOES/TRAINERS?? UK.?

Hi thanks for taking your time to look at my question.

I've been having driving lessons now for quite a while (Had to change half way through) And I'm doing so much better now with the lady driver I have. The thing is though The trainers I wear keep getting stuck on the accelerator when I come back up, it gets jammed for a bit and this is really effecting my driving. ANYONE know of any GOOD driving shoes/trainers that are cheapish and wide-ish. Please god someone help me.

Thanks. x


Thanks for all the answers guys, Update... i brought my self 2 pairs of flats one with lace ups and one with out, i tried the without pair, OMG TERRIBLE my foot was just slipping off the accelerator. I cant wear them i hate them, my feet are wide as well so i feel swashed. My driving instructor is brilliant, my trainers are causing a problem, though they didnt to start with. Weird.

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    10 years ago
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    I always wear thin sole shoes. I like the ones that are about £5 from Primark, I go a size up too, because their size 6s are tiny (and not wide at all).

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    10 years ago

    You don't necessarily need driving shoes but shoes with a low heel and without a cleated sole as it is that which is probably causing the problem. Try looking in M&S they have some casual loafer type shoes which should be suitable.

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    10 years ago

    = It's not a question of the best trainers, most of them are franchises.

    You want a good instructor. Try the Institute of Advanced Motorists and see if any of their instructors will teach you. They aren't motivated by money like the driving school instructors who will try to sign you up to a load of lessons you probably don't need.

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    10 years ago

    Heavy treads on the soles can cause trouble. Try any shoes with fine treads.

    Incidentally, my wife always drives in bare feet!

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