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Can US Law prosecute a US Citizen who smokes marijuana in an Amsterdam Cannabis Coffee Shop?


When they come back to the US.

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  • 9 years ago
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    No. US laws don't apply in a foreign country. This is why people went to Cuba during Prohibition--you could drink all you wanted because it wasn't illegal there.

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  • 9 years ago

    No. One country cannot prosecute for actions taken place in another country. This is also why 18-20 year olds can drink in Mexico, 18 is the drinking age there.

    Although Amsterdam recently outlawed foreigners from being able to buy marijuana in Coffee Shops there anyway, so this is pretty irrelevant. You won't be able to smoke there anymore anyway.

    Also- technically speaking, smoking marijuana isn't a crime, possession of it is. You can walk right up to a police officer and tell him you have smoked marijuana in the past few days, and that would not be an arrestible offense. You'd be searched on the spot for evidence of drugs, but unless you are caught with marijuana or paraphanalia in your possession, you cannot be convicted. There is no charge for "smoking marijuana" or "getting high", only for possession.

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  • 3 years ago

    it fairly is actual a constitutional question. Does the U.S. shape enable the government to alter U.S. voters on distant places soil? My wager is that the respond is a tentative 'no', however the "conflict on Terror" and the lots longer "conflict on drugs" has bigger the powers of the federal government notably. fantastically in aspects that contain assaults on U.S. voters. yet substantial constitutional matters like this one usually take numerous a protracted time to wind their way in the time of the courts - fantastically if it finally ends up in the palms of the splendid court docket. So we are going to see.

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  • No. US law has no power beyond US borders.

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