My opinion on The Glee Project winner... Yours?

So... The Glee Project. Just a little taste of Glee for those who hunger for another season. Well, no one probably cares, but here's my opinions on who might win.

Let's go through the cast, shall we?

Alex: Well, first things first, Glee is about originality and individuality, so another high range flamboyant gay guy is out.

Bryce: Heartbreaker... I could imagine him in a role in the show, but he's already voted off, so, whatever.

Cameron: One of my picks for the win, and I think he could be a great addition to the Glee Cast. Great singer, I think a great actor, and he would definitely be his own character on the show.

Damian: Great singer, might be on thin ice a little bit after being in the bottom 3 in the first episode, but he would be a very diverse character on Glee, with the accent and everything.

Ellis: I really like this girl. She's very original, having a little kid aura. And she embraces it, so really, she would be the perfect addition to the Glee club.

Emily: Basically a Santana wannabe. I fell like she would be one of those girls that would sleep with someone to get higher in the business. Also, she tries to be too latin and whore-ish. So, I hate her. lol

Hannah: I think she could make it if there wasn't Lauren there. Again with the originality thing... So, probably not, unless the intention would be her to be a Lauren look-a-like.

Lindsay: I think she could make it. She has a really pretty voice, and I think she would be... semi-original. She just doesn't seem like the kind of person to be rejected, there for in Glee club.

Marissa: I think she could come in, maybe be Quinn competition? She's pretty, has a great voice, but she seems like a stereotypical popular girl... Not Glee club material.

Matheus: I love him. He's cute, has a great voice, and being who he is, he would be a proud addition to Glee.

McKynleigh: Not really sure on reasons why, but I don't think she could make it. A country black girl, I think she would kinda blend into the background. Mercedes is kind of the black girl aura in the room, I don't think McKynleigh could... intrude on that. Sorry if I sound racist, I'm not trying to. lol

Samuel: I think he could be a good addition. Great voice, very original, definitely a character the show should love to have.

So, I guess these are the final results.

Almost definitely not: Alex, Bryce (well, def), Emily, McKynleigh

Maybe: Samuel, Marissa, Lindsey, Hannah

Who I think should win: Cameron, Damian, Ellis, Matheus

So, you probably don't care, but if you read all that, what's your opinion on who might win, and who's your favorite?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Alex: Not a chance; he looks, sounds and acts like the offspring of Kurt and Mercedes.

    Matheus: After seeing his performance in episode 2, I don't think he's Glee-material. I really don't.

    McKynleigh: Bottom line; looks too much like Mercedes. She never stood a chance.

    Hannah: I don't see them introducing a third "big" girl to the group.

    Samuel: He might have a shot. Great voice and a good dancer.

    Cameron: Funny enough; I hate him. His voice bugs me, and he's on par with Finn for dancing.

    Emily: Sure, she acts like a whore, but she's talented. Especially when you see her perform live. Unlike a lot of them, I feel that she's being "herself" on camera, and she's comfortable. I think, by extension, she's a damn good actor too.

    Lindsay: I cannot stand her. She's just like Rachel, only nastier and less talented.

    Marissa: My female favourite. Good voice and stunningly attractive. Seems to have a good personality.

    Ellis: She's already off. Don't need to consider her.

    Bryce: He's already off. Don't need to consider him.

    Damian: My male favourite. Would provide some diversity to the group, and he can sing really well.

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  • Alright so....

    Bryce - Off already

    Ellis - Off as well

    Alex - Probably not, because of Kurt

    Hannah - Again, probably not, because of Lauren/Mercedes

    Mckynleigh - I agree, she blends in too much and doesnt show much personality. Reminds me of that guy called Matt in the first season, the one everyone forgot about.

    Emily - I dont like her. I really dont. From the moment when she introduced herself by saying that her talent was 'the way she flips her hair'? Like seriously, that kind of conceited-ness is not very likable, and also, considering shes from New York,like, we DONT have that kind of accent, and shes trying too hard to sound hispanic. Santana wannabe indeed.

    Samuel - I definitely think its possible for him to win, he does have a unique personality for the show, and a unique look as well.

    Matheus - Again, i think its possible. He is a stereotypical 'glee' member (some sort of characteristic that would make him an outcast) so definitely the type of person glee may be looking for. But he was previously in the bottom 3 so the possibility isnt as strong.

    Lindsay - Definitely has the right credentials for glee, but i dont think she has the right personality and 'uniqueness' the glee creators are looking for. she seems like a very typical show choir/ broadway girl.

    Marissa - Very pretty voice. I like her, but she didnt seem emotional enough in the last episodes, seemed disconnected towards the songs, and also blended in quite a bit. But the next episode preview 'vulnerability' shows her with a sign that says" anorexic" so who knows, maybe we'll see her more emotional side next week!

    Cameron - I agree, he has almost everything the glee creators may be looking for, but at the same time seems a bit fake. He doesnt seem very nerdy or shy at all (and thats the image he was trying to create) Also, he reminds me of Artie a lot, so it gets kinda repetitive. The whole nerdy with glasses thing. He also looks like Artie a bit.

    Damian - I left this last cause hes my favorite. I dont think he has the best chance of winning, honestly. But he does have id say a 75% chance. He could definitely be a character on glee. People definitely love him. All thats left is to see if he wants it badly enough to be able to let it all out and break loose and come out of his comfort zone in the next episode!

    Source(s): I LOVE THE GLEE PROJECT! What other source do we even need? xD
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  • 9 years ago

    well Ellis got out so shes definitely a NO. The ones I think should win are:

    From the guys:

    Cameron- I like him he's original

    Damian- hahah I love his Irish accent

    Matheus- I like him cause physically he's not like everyone else yet he still has everything that it takes to be on glee.

    From the girls:

    I really like Marissa- she's gorgeous and talented and shes not an asshole or anything so yea.

    Honestly, I think I wouldnt care who wins as long as the winners arent: Emily or Lindsey

    I first had no opinion on Linsey but she kinda turned out to be mean so I dont like her and Emily you already know why I wouldnt want her to win. LOL

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  • 9 years ago

    " Emily: Basically a Santana wannabe. I fell like she would be one of those girls that would sleep with someone to get higher in the business. Also, she tries to be too latin and whore-ish. So, I hate her. lol "I agree..I don't hate her but ...she seems a bit stuck up.

    To me it seems like the most confident will win, so either lindsay even though shes mean , alex, or cameron....and those aren'tmy favs XD

    Source(s): I <3 samuel,ellis, matheus and marissa ^^ I agree w/wndy,cameron was trying 2 hard to be the akward nerdy,its noticeable and just..bleh >.>
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  • 9 years ago

    Alex: His only personality trait is that he is gay. I have nothing wrong with gay people, but Glee already has a gay guy. And he sounds like a girl. He is basically a black Mercedes... lol.

    Bryce: Already off the show! Sad, I thought he was cute, and I liked his voice!

    Cameron: I really don't like him! He is trying to be the awkward nerd, but it is obvious it is an act. His glasses are probably fake and he just annoys me. But his voice is okay and I am sure he will make it to the end. He will probably win.

    Damian: I hope he goes home. I couldn't stand watching a show with his speaking voice. He is a great singer and he is cute, but his accent is really bad. Glee is not only about singing!

    Ellis: She went home too! I really liked her, I thought she was a real girl. She was negative, but I liked her. She had an amazing Jazz voice and I think she would be great on Broadway.

    Emily: I think she is pretty, but I dont like her whore act. She said next week she is going to show another side of herself, and I hope she does, because she is a good singer. But i dont think she will win.

    Hannah: Not gonna win. There is already a plus size girl and she isnt really a godd singer. But i would be happy if she wins, because she would be more relatable than a perfect skinny beautiful girl. And did you know she was on Mtvs MADE? She wanted to be made into a rapper. Really, I swear!

    Lindsay: HAte her. She thinks she is the best singer, she has already said it, and she thins she is the best dancer, and I bet she is a really rich mean girl. I just dont like her personality, and if she was on the show i would hate her character. but her voice is good.

    Marissa: really pretty. Nice voice. She might win. But i dont really like her. I could never relate to a beautiful, amazing singer.

    Matheus: Love Him! He is so cute and he really proves that Glee is not all about how you sing and how you look. He is funny and not afraid to be goofy... Hope he wins!

    McKynleigh: Not gonna win. no personality. Boring, boring, boring! But she has a really nice voice and she is pretty... but i am not a country fan...

    Samuel: My number 1 favorite! He is a really good singer, and he is so different (plus he is sooo cute!) I think he would be a cool character, but he tried out for the original Glee cast and didnt make it. Idk, and cant really see him winning, but i would be really happy if he did!

    Well, that is what i think! Samuel and Matheus are my favorites, and I dont really care for any of the girls... lol.

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  • 9 years ago


    I really think Ellis should be the winner, i think she has the best vocal range and versatility at singing, because in songs like firework, she can sing as a little cute girl, but in big spender, she sang as a woman...

    I also think is unfair that all judge in the show were just personality, they don't care at all her talent to Always be in the bottom 3, or recently, be eliminated...

    Now, with her out the show, i want Lindsey to win, because i think from the beginning she has a very potent and controlled voice.

    And, sincerely, i don´t like Marissa´s voice or her roll in the show, and i don´t like McKynleigh, i don´t know why, she don´t sing bad,but i don´t like it, i´m not sure of what her character is, but i don´t like it too at all...


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  • 9 years ago

    I'm really pissed Ellis went home ya she had a attitude but that was her and there's no one on glee like her.she was the best on there and now I just don't know. Was it Emily that was all I'm the best or whatever her name was she needs to go she's a stuck up snot!

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  • 9 years ago

    I want Cameron to win! I mean he MUST win! He has an amazing voice and his looks are to die for. I think he's a great dancer and if he wins, he can show that nerds are cool. :D In terms of who's leaving, I think Lindsay should go. Great voice and all but her attitude...I can't stand her. Plus she's like a love child of Rachel and Quinn.. -_- Oh well...I'm team Cameron all the way! ;)

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  • 9 years ago

    love, love LOVE Damian. Saw him in Celtic thunder and he was amazing. he would be a great addition to the glee cast

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  • 9 years ago

    Damian all the way!! So hot and cute. Would just love to see him win with his adorable accent!!

    Source(s): Mee♥
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