Good holiday destinations for teenagers?

Somewhere cheap but not too mad. Nice beach and then at night theres a good nightlife.

Somewhere not to loud and not to boring

18 year old teens


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  • 9 years ago
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    Porta Benues/ Marbella in Spain Amazing night life and beautiful beaches all around.

    Also places like Devon and Cornwall have nice beaches and Plymouth has an Ok Night Life.

    Anywhere in France is good.

    Also Gibralter might be a place to look at the beaches there aren't great but drive for about half an hour and you can find amazing beaches in Spain.

    Hope I helped :)

  • 3 years ago

    Blackpool is wonderful...i understand human beings imagine of it as naff, yet you've the exhilaration sea coast for the rides n that, a spectacular nightlife, wonderful ecosystem, and best of all its plenty more affordable than say London or a "ideal" subject park! There are more than a number of shipping links both by utilizing prepare or nationwide coach coaches, and maximum points of interest are interior of about a mile really effortless to locate and walk to/from in case you do not favor to apply trams/buses. If it does take position to be sunny you actually have a sea coast lol! EDIT: Angel I stay in N.Wales so am nicely conscious it exists lol, yet have not in any respect been to South Wales for an nighttime out so won't be able to recommend everywhere there, and its unhappy yet real that N.Wales do not have plenty to furnish a teenage crew on a weekend away, until eventually they're VERY outdoorsy...!

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