Changing the legal CEO title of a nonprofit?

A friend started a nonprofit organization and filed the legal papers under his name as CEO (or the legal signed of all documents). He left the organization to me after he went to college. We're putting on a benefit concert and fund-raising a lot, and I need to sign a lot of papers. It'd be so much more efficient if I were allowed to just sign these papers instead of driving all the way to him to get his signature.

Is there a legal way to change this so I'm allowed to be the W9 signer?



It's a registered 501(c) nonprofit with all the paper work.

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    9 years ago
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    In the USA a Nonprofit does NOT have a CEO but an elected Board that changes every two years.

    You need to go to the IRS website and change it on the EIN Form. Most Banks accept a change of Officer card without notification to the IRS. You need to Ask your friend if you are really a 501c or something else.

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