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What does the FDA do to protect us from e. coli?

Historically, when did the FDA first take notice of E. coli? What precautions are taken now to protect us from it?



Okay, specifically I am talking about E. coli 0157:H7 which was not discovered until 1982, what I really need are some specific steps that were taken by the FDA after that, if any. And specific dates? This is for a historical analysis paper and its proving to be quite hard.

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    Lots of insisting on hand washing after bathroom breaks..not using the fields as bathrooms (farm workers) Making sure the fertilizer is not contaminated....the list goes on. But the FDA can't be everywhere to make sure the regulations are being followed. Just look how dirty meat processing plants are. The FDA trusts the factories to adhere to the rules of sanitation.

    E coli has been around for years. When people started to get sick "en mass" they passed laws regarding sanitation.

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    A better question is what are you doing to protect yourself from e. coli? Hand washing and cooking meat to the correct temperature are the big ones. Not a lot you can do with contaminated fruits and veggies, however growing your own or buying local instead of from big corporate farms can provide some protection.

    E. coli has been around long before the FDA, which was in the 30's.

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    Tell you what. Forget the FDA. They DON'T care. Cook meat until it's burnt, and wash your fresh veggies with Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (a mild solution), rinse well.

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    improve the immunity of Americans

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    Evidently not nearly enough!

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