How do I start recording music?

For the past year, I've been freestyle rapping, and writing lyrics for fun. I wanted to take this to another level and start recording and uploading it to YouTube. I'm terrible when it comes to technology in music, I barely have an idea on how to start recording. So far I know I have to buy a mic, I'm probably buying a C01U condenser, this is to record my audio. Then, get a voice over program and add instrumental to it. However, I'm pretty stumped from here on. Not 100% what to do, if someone has knowledge in recording, greatly appreciated if you helped. Thanks in advance.

PS: My budget is 200$...Not looking to make music videos or anything. I just plan to record, add instrumental, and upload to YouTube.

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    9 years ago
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    Here is a mic and an audio interface that can get you started with what you want to do on your budget.

    As long as you have a decent computer you should be good. The audio interface comes with Cubase LE, which is more than enough to do what your trying to do. Should be just as simple as ordering it, installing software on your computer following the instructions, downloading instrumentals off of the internet, plugging mic into interface, hitting record, and recording your lyrics.

    edit: You can also do the USB mic like you mentioned in you details.

    Basically the same just that having the audio interface, even though it has little i/o 2/2, could be beneficial in the future if you ever wanted to hook up and record from different equipment or sources. Say you had a guitar, bass, keyboard, or a sampler you wanted to record sounds or beats from, or maybe even if you got into making beats on you computer and wanted to sample/record from vinyl it could make that easier. Also, if you wanted studio monitors it has the outs. Given that your only recording vocals you probably won't care but you'd have that option. Think about whether you want midi also, you'd have to go for an interface with midi and not the one I posted.

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    here . . . do u have a pc or mac? if u have a mac, u can use garageband, its pretty simple. there are others like it for pc, but i dont know them. also, im a producer, u can send it to me and i can make it sound professional!! only if u have the programs logic, garageband, or ableton though. (preferably gb/logic) i can also produce an origional beat for u if ur interested, email me at good luck!!!

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    9 years ago

    im in the same boat i apoligize im only answering so i can follow your answers, good luck also

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