Is Facebook losing popularity/becoming boring?

Facebook apparently "peaked" in 2009 in terms of people signing up to the site, and I've noticed that over the past 6-12 months my friends don't seem to post as many ridiculous random status updates every few hours... like I really want to know what you are eating or drinking!.... I'm also finding it boring now and rather intrusive with all the app requests etc.... Anyone else think Facebook is finally starting to lag?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Facebook has revealed that up to 100,000 people a day are de-activating their accounts. So yes, i think so.

  • 9 years ago

    Its not the fact its starting to lag, facebook is ment for a certain generation. As you get older you expect different things, there are many young kids signing up while older generation leaves. For one thing facebook proves a security problem when signing up for a joib. Hence alot of people deactivate their account when applying.

    You look at it from one side point, your own, But think of it from the other, the younger generation who wants to keep in touch with friends they come in. Just as in any school as the Seniors pass out, the freshmen join. So as in facebook. You and your friends just graduated facebook thats all.

  • 9 years ago

    i think so because everyone already has a facebook so it's common. but as of now, it's the easiest way to communicate with people while playing games, stuff like that. so as long as there isn't a new website, facebook will still be something everyone will keep on using

  • 9 years ago

    Well I know a lot of people who are less interested in Facebook nowadays, but I think it still depends for each person.

    For example, I have a lot of relatives who have their own "Family" group in FB,

    friends that have their "CLicque" group FB and because alot of them have parted their ways

    and are overseas, Facebook is a major way of getting in touch.

    I myself, since im in college, FB is a way for me to get in touch with my mates,

    which is I think how it should be. O__O not somewhere u shud be 24/7.

    just an opinion :D

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  • xerxes
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    3 years ago

    maximum might have been placed off facebook, after six years of typing and typing and so on. i'm very weird and wonderful, by way of fact in assessment to absolutely everyone else i be attentive to, i'm the only individual in my neighbourhood to no longer use facebook. Why use it once you're able to do it your self with out the internet? talking with somebody else head to head facilitates in existence, and settles down with the lacking bits. once I see human beings making use of it, i think of to myself, "can not they do it themselves?". A photograph voltaic typhoon will hit Earth in 2013, and could knock out television, telephone, laptop video games, telephone strains, and facebook. what is going to they do then that happens? they are able to't purely take a seat there for a year with out preserving in touch with acquaintances and family. we are able to do it ourselves, and we weren't created to be lazy and use facebook all of the time. I trust you ten thousand%. I advise, won't they use their telephones and email? those have been invented via spectacular inventors, and maximum will use facebook. it fairly is sturdy to apply it each so often, yet getting addicted isn't appropriate. Thumbs up in case you settle. All this grievance I wrote isn't undesirable, i'm purely establishing my coronary heart and writing what i think of on the problem. it fairly is exciting to apply, use every time, yet this answer is geared in direction of people who use it too plenty, and in case you're no longer addicted, then sturdy, by way of fact while facebook shuts down in like 70 years, who'll be moaning then?

  • 9 years ago

    Maybe so. More and more people are getting used to its surroundings and it may have caught up to their minds. I also think it's getting boring...

  • 9 years ago

    its always boring. but people who live alone or without family or people who have to maintain continuous communication will use facebook even it is boring.......

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No offence to anyone but it's always been boring

  • 9 years ago

    yes facebook is losing popularity......

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    not yet..........cause there is no good alternative to it yet.

    when it arrives, it definitely gonna lose.

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