what is a 50 years of Australian television $1 coin worth?

i have a 50 years of Australian television 'C' $1 coin UNC ( uncirculated coin) and would like to know what it is worth if any one can help

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  • 9 years ago
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    These collector coins were made in square form with rounded corners to resemble the shape of early television sets, and then one of six different colorized TV screen 'images' were added. So there are six different versions to be had.

    The coin is 1 Troy ounce of .999 pure silver. It will always be worth at least the value of the silver, and they usually sell for a slight premium above that, except to dealers, who pay 90% or less of silver value to leave room for profit. The extra collector premium can be more, depending on how much someone is willing to pay. Let's say somebody really loves this set and has five of them but not the one you have, so needs it to complete the set. That person might be willing to pay $20 or more above the silver value just to have it. Someone else who wants it only because it's silver will not pay that much.

    A couple of these sold recently on eBay. One went for $69 plus $11 for shipping. That person must have really wanted it. The other went for its opening bid of $20. That seller was charging a ridiculous $25 for shipping (circumventing eBay fees, no doubt), so that's $45 total, still about 25% above the value of the silver alone of $36 currently.

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