What kind of spider is this (Picture)?

Saw it in one of our rooms never seen it before but This is the 4th time , is it Venomous or Dangerous??

Link to picture :



I live in stockton ca, No other images was taken this was from a distance that i took the pic from, Lets just say My Dictionary landed on it multiple times :) ahah

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  • Brian
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    10 years ago
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    This one is throwing me for a loop. It has some characteristics of a cobweb spider (Steatoda), but not everything is correct. If I had more information, your location for starters, the estimated size, and a high resolution photograph of the eyes would be absolutely fantastic. What's really nagging me is that I'm almost positive that I've ID'ed this species before... I just can't remember what it is. :(

    I really, really doubt it's dangerous. If it is a cobweb spider, then it's completely harmless.

  • 10 years ago

    It would help to know where you live.

    I think this spider might be some sort of sheetweb spider. Statistically, it probably isn't dangerous (but it might be). All spiders are venomous.

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