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how many people usually compete in bjj tournaments?

like in their weight/skill class? At a big one like grapplefest.

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    I've been to NAGA Las Vegas, Idaho State Grappling (NWSC) and Grappler's Quest in Utah ....Heavy Weight Blue Belt and I had 1 other in Naga, 5 in Idaho and 3 in Utah.

    The weird thing is that in NAGA there were 1000 competitors and only one other in my division. Idaho had 400 competitors and 5 in my's like that other guy above me said...anywhere from 0-12 or so. Usually wherever you go though, there are tons of people between 125-155.

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    Depends how big the tournament is and your weight class. And, did you mean grapplers quest.Ive had as little as 3 people in my weight class/ranking to 8-12

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    I do but i compete at naga

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