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Should i sell Damaged Goods?

I'm starting a Fashion Jewelry website and i received some jewelry from my distributor that are damaged.. Not extremely just slightly... Example: Missing a stone .... Can i sell this on Clearance? I will be telling the buyers on the site that jewelry is slightly damaged and i will take pics of them as well.. I don't like to be dishonest... I don't want this to go to waste and sending it back to distributor will cost me more...

But will Damaged goods sell?

If so .. how do i go about saying they are damaged ?

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  • 10 years ago
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    I have my own Fashion Jewelry website and I do not sale damaged goods. Now I've purchased some items that were damaged and I sent them back, however, where I purchase from if there is any problem with the jewelry you can send it back, but it has to be shipped the way they tell you e.g.(company package.. etc) and they will credit you. If your company doesn't do that then It would be perfectly fine to sale on your site for a discounted rate and explain that its damaged.

    Check their policy and see if they can credit shipping and the merchandise because you can make more money rather than making it discounted so soon.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    heck yea they will sell

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