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Are There Any Girls Like The 80's Molly Ringwald In This Day And Age?

Are there any girls these days like what Molly Ringwald portrayed in all her movies back in the 80's (as sort of the quiet, shy, but secretly fun and maybe a little preppy, and such...)

I really would like to find someone like her, someone that wwas just like what she portrayed in her movies such as The Breakfast Club, and Pretty In Pink, etc....

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    Of course there are, but girls like the characters that Molly Ringwald played in the 1980s are rather difficult to find. This is not because there is a shortage of girls like this, it's just that usually guys don't take the time to get to know girls who are shy. If they did, they would probably find out that quiet girls can be the most fun once they open up. I'm a reserved person, so I know that it takes some people time before they're willing to show their true personalities to others. There has to be some level of trust first. But don't we all wish that our lives were an '80s movie.....

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    Im quiet shy and secretly fun lol. So yes there are girls like that you just have to keep your eyes open :)

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