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A king decided to replace on of his ministers withut causing too hard feelings.?

He summoned the minister and asked him to choose one of two folded notes. The king explained that one of the notes says "You are fired" and the other states "You stay." However, the minister found out from a trusted spy that both notes actually say "You are fired." What can the minister do to save his post?

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    The minister can do something along the lines of

    acting like he's too worried to actually read the note that will determine his fate, then saying, "II choose this note " as he grabs and eats that note. Then the minister says, "Now please tell me what the remaining note says so I can know which fate I chose." (which of course is the OPPOSITE of the note remainig in the king's hands)

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    Just ask the king to choose one note, saying that the minister will take which ever note is left over. The king chooses a note, and the minister asks the king to read it. Of course it says "You are fired", so the minister claims that the remaining one must say "You stay", so he demands the right to stay. The king has to agree, since to examine the remaining note will expose his cheating. Ahhh! Logic.

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    I agree with Tel Aviv, but I would just put my hand on the one I chose, so that the other one would be read. Then when people later saw the note under (my) hand, they would know that the king is a fink.

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    Slip poison into the king's drink and take the throne. Bwahahahaha! That way, not only does he keep his job, he gets a promotion!

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