X-men: first class doesnt add up? (spoiler)?

1st: where are the other characters Emma Frost, havoc, the butterfly girl, the guy who screams and the other evil characters that joined magneto in the end with the exception of mistique offourse.

2nd: how come Proff X in the first movies never acts like he's "related" to Mistique (even tho theyre not really related) he's never concered about her nothing, same with mistique.

And Mistique's appearance, she doesnt age or something? and the actresses dont add up..

cause in X-men: The Last Stand, when mistique is injected with the anti mutant syrum "the cure"(by protecting Magneto) she returns to her human form which is played by actress Rebecca Romijn but in this movie first class she is played by actress Jennifer Lawrence, which is supposed to be her real human form??? wtf???

Im sorry im ruining the movie by adding all these things up but I think that if they were going to go back to the start they should have made it so it could add up to the other xmen movies, so it can be more..... believable.

Am I right about the facts or not?

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  • 9 years ago
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    X men First Class was an amazing movie by the way, I just watched it yesterday.

    1) You're completely wrong with the first question. Only mystique, butterfly girl(angel), the red teleporter, the whirlwind guy, joined Magneto. At the end, they go and break Emma out of prison and they were all there. Havoc, scream guy, cia girl, beast, stayed with professor x and they returned to professor x's mansion which will become the School for the gifted.

    2) I'm not quite sure about this, but I don't think this movie is connected to the previous trilogy. This is a new franchise or so I've read. So the story will be different, the people will be different, etc.

    3) They never said that Mystique doesn't age. Beast did say however that she ages extremely slow and therefore when she's 40 she'll look like 20. But she will still age. And about the different actresses, like I said, I don't think this movie is suppose to be connected to the previous x men movies nor is it to the comics. It may have some elements from them though. X men 1st class is suppose to be a new franchise.

    I hope I've answered your question well enough. I'm really looking forward for the sequel to this movie, it's going to be awesome.

    Source(s): I watched it in theaters yesterday
  • 9 years ago

    X-Men First Class takes place when the mutants are younger. Jennifer Lawrence plays the younger version of Mystique, nowhere does it say that Mystique does not age, the fact that her true form is the blue version and you never know with the mutation it could cause her to age slowly. If she didn't age she would have never exited the way she looked when she first met Prof. X

    The others leave with Magneto, that's where they are. They left with them so they are probably off doing some bad mutant deeds. Mystique and X aren't related and there was an unspoken bond between them through the whole thing and at the end when he's lying on the beach paralyzed and he tells her that he didn't keep a lot of promises and that she should go with him was a sign that it was his fault they were never as close as they should have been.

  • 9 years ago

    Beast clearly states that Mistique's cells make her grow slowly..he says that she would look like a teenager at 40 years old...pay attention to the movie, as for the other things...your correct they don't add up. And guys hes asking where havoc and all those characters are in the first x-men movie, first class was a sequel, but angel,havoc,the red guy, the wind guy, banshee, emma, all arent in X-men, hes asking where they went, none of it adds up...so the directors are probably going to make another sequel before x-men but after first class...he knows they were there at the end...

  • 9 years ago

    i don't understand your first question. in the end angel, riptide, azazel, mystique, and magneto go and free emma frost who was locked up. havok, banshee, beast, professor x, and moria were left on the island then went back to professor x's house/ the school. thats it. second question, maybe they had just excepted that they were different and didnt belong together. i dont know. third question, she does age, just not as fast as normal humans, they probably added that because first class was based in the 60's and in the 2000 movies she looked in her 30's. aside from all the continuity issues i think First Class was a good movie.

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  • John
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    9 years ago

    Im unsure about the first point- i cant remember. However i do remember that when Mystique was being examined by Beast, he told her that her mutation meant that she aged very slowly, and that she would be physically the same when she was forty or something. And Mystique and Xavier are as you said unrelated. In the scene when they first met Mystique had broken into Xavier's family home; presumably to get food.

    She was obviously not depicted as being his sister as he didn't know who she was.However it was implied that she stayed there and that they grew up together- i don't know whether or not that is true to the original comic book story.

  • Susan
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    4 years ago

    Marvel has pretty much written off X-Men Origins: Wolverine because it was so terrible. The same thing they did with both of the Incredible Hulk movies and what they are doing with the Fantastic Four and Spiderman movies. Going back to the drawing boards so to speak.

  • 9 years ago

    your right that was stupid

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