i bought new rechargable batteries for my solar lights.will the sun charge them when i put them in?

the batteries in my solar lights were NI-CD but i bought new ones that are NIMH. will they work in there too and will the sun charge them after i put the new batteries in.they are rechargable and it says they need recharged before using them but i didn't know since they go in my solar lights. will the sun charge them?

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    9 years ago
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    You cannot use NIMH batteries in a fixture meant for NI-CD. The way that the batteries work is completely different in terms of how the solar panel works.

    You need to take these out and get the correct kind, or the fixtures will work for a little while, but will be destroyed. This is true for all electronic devices, not just solar lights. you can fry a laptop or cell phone doing this.

    Once you get the correct lights, the "Recharge" period means that you put the correct new batteries in and then leave them in the sun for two full days (shutting them off) or taking them in at night for 2 days.

    By the way, it is VERY unusual to have any solar light that has a battery in one area and solar panel in another. They only ones of these that are common are those that are used for flood or spot lights which have 10-15 foot cords so you can place non-halogen fixtures inside. Very few lamps or accent lights have this fixture and futhermore, a well-built solar light and battery is meant to withstand the sun's heat.

    So, Monday leave them in the sun, take them in Monday night or shut them off. Put them out Tuesday, then you can leave them to automatically turn on. You need to do this again to prevent damage to the various components. By letting the batteries charge fully with the sun, they work better. Trying to run something on a drained battery runs the battery down, lowers it's life cycle.

  • john c
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    9 years ago

    Garden lights have small solar panels so the ni-mh batteries probably wont charge up fully unless it is a sunny day. Leaving them out in the hot sun might damage them but that would happen with any kind of battery. If you are having problems with the ones you had in it which is why you switched kinds then it might be a good idea. Solar panels are usually in the sun and the batteries in the shade but that depends on how hot it gets.

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    3 years ago

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    9 years ago

    no the batteries are like little engines but have everlasting gas the light will do the energy source the batteries are just the conductor

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    9 years ago

    You will find out in a few days so wait and see what happens. If they don't run long at night then get a charger and give them a long charge.

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