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How do I start my job as a quality assurance manager?

I have been given this job as a quality assurance manager in a fish processing plant. The processors are reluctant to accept change. They are untrained in basic sanitation principles, personal hygiene hand washing pest control measures and so on. There is a plant manger with some measure of experience but untrained in quality assurance. I need advice real fast. where do I start to effect changes in this company?

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    9 years ago
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    Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) and Training

    We must change from Traditional Food Inspections and Strict Hygienic Practices to Inspection-Audits of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP) or Best Practices and Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems.

    Change is an Inevitable Process and not an Event. It is Foolhardy to ignore it.

    Therefore, more communication, understanding, and mutual confidence are needed to achieve the required changes.

    Farms, Oceans, Rivers, Transportation, Markets, Food Processing Establishments, Kitchens, Bars, Freezers, Refrigerators and Food Warmers-Thermometers, Packaging Materials, Food Containers-Styrofoam boxes, Water, Hands, Utensils-spoons and forks must be focal points.

    Keep your hands clean. Bacteria typically are transmitted via physical contact, and hands are the main cause. Therefore, washing your hands may not be exciting, but it does the job.

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