How can I convince my mom to let me become vegetarian?

I have recently become very conscious of nutrition and my well-being and I have decided to become vegetarian. The problem is that my mom wont accept it.

My sister is vegetarian and started when she was about 13. I don;t see what's so different about me especially when I eat a wider variety of foods and usually show my mom lots of recipies.

She knows I am knowledgeable about nutrition, but she fears it will be an inconvenience when I go to my uncle's house for the summer.

She also 'feels more comforable' cooking meat which I don't understand because she always makes me a separatre meal anyway, since I don't eat red meat.

Any advice that youi guys can give me?

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    9 years ago
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    Please do not listen to joinme4coffee. This is not the stone age. Thousands of teenagers are independent and cook their own meals every single day.

    I think she just doesn't want her whole family "turning vegetarian" on her. Know what I mean? She probably thinks you want to be just like you're sister; she thinks you don't have legitimate reasons to make the change.

    But you really just have to let her know this is serious. Simply looking her in the face and saying "I'm serious about this" can mean a lot and is probably all you'll need to do. Ask your sister for advice and foods to cook. She can probably help you out. It's really not that hard at all to eat vegetarian in a meat-eating household. And I'm sure if you let your uncle know ahead of time, he'll be fine with it. Congrats on going veg!

  • 4 years ago

    If you become vegetarian, that creates a significant amount of more work for her - she has to completely re-think all her standard meal plans. So show her how much it means to you by actually taking charge and offering to cook some vegetarian dinners for the whole family. From there, you can negotiate to perhaps take turns cooking, or work with her to find good recipes. If you've just come along and said you want to be vegetarian, but she has to do all the work, then I think it's very understandable that she sees it as just a fad that's a hassle for her. But if you take on at least some of the responsibility then she can see what it actually means to you.

  • clarke
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    9 years ago

    start taking an interest in cooking. ask your sister to help you learn how to make some simple vegetarian meals that you can make for the family. if you're helping out more your mother is more inclined to be ok with it. Also, if you can, try and have a conversation with your uncle too. Tell him that you want to be a vegetarian but you don't want to burden him. maybe you could make a meal plan with your mother and uncle together. Research is key, you don't want to sound you don't know what you're talking about. Also, keep your cool. Maturity goes a long way to show that you're serious.

    Lastly, ask your sister what she said /did to get your mom to change her mind. I don't know if she's older or younger or her personality so you'll have to decide if your mom is treating you differently because of these things. good luck!

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    9 years ago

    Tell your mum, how much you love animals, and your well-being or whatever reason you want to turn vegetarian.

    Show her what they do to animals, show your mum you will have lots of vitamens and lots of vegetables!

    Also, you can become a kind of vegetarian called a " prescatarian " they only eat fish, and no other kind of meat. Tell your mum about those kinds of 'vegetarians'

    My mum had no problem when i became a vegetarian, she actually went for the idea, and years before i made the ' annoucment ' she was telling me that i should become a vegetarian.

    Actually im a vegan. But yeah.

    A prescatarian would probaly be best for you, because your mum wont let you become a ' vegetarian '

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  • 9 years ago

    Get a book about becoming vegetarian, physically show her research that you have done about going vegetarian, outline a plan for how you are going to make sure you get enough protein, etc. My mom was the same way when I became a vegetarian (4 yrs ago!). She just needs to see that this is not all talk but that you actually have a plan to make sure that you stay healthy. She is just looking out for you...that's what mom do!!

    Good luck.

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  • 9 years ago

    Do people at your uncles house only eat meat?...because if not I don't see the inconvience...just eat what there eating except the meat or chicken. Jaja vegetarian recipes are so much easier to make and I don't lik meat or chicken because it tasts bad...if you don't. Eat at the table and in your room just throw away or give to a dog the meat or just say you can't stand meat anymore..or jut tell her not to cook so much meat or buy as much meat itl saveup money 2 ^^

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    9 years ago

    The meat group could make people very depress explained by scientific studies. It is likly a vegetarian will think more happy thoughts than the other persons meat diet. It cause cancer if it is fried.

  • 9 years ago

    She can't run your life for you.

    Most normal people have rice, noodles, pasta, veg, canned beans and a variety of fruit in their diets anyway and their kitchens have some of this stuff.

    She ca't put a gun to your head.

    DOn't let anyone tell you how to run your life.

    LEad by example, she can't do much as long as you k eep healthy.

    I don't understand this question ever. Good for you deciding to live this way, but why do so many people say "but my mom won't let me"?

    Don't make sense. Why do you even care?

  • 9 years ago

    Dont tell, just say im not in the mood for chicken, or beef, or whatever type of meat shes cooking...then replace the taco meat with lettuce or something.....Thats what i would do...

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    9 years ago

    Make her watch Food Inc, Earthlings, or Food Matters.

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