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Help with German Exchange Student?

Hi :)

Well my familys having a bbq and my friend and her family are coming but she's also bringing her german exchange student (we're all 14) and I do french not german so it's a bit of a fail :L

Can anyone give me some good websites for learning german? And some phrases that would be handy? Also do germans usually speak good english?

Thanks :D


Well my friend doesn't speak fluent german? its an exchange between schools only a week so....?

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    Learning English was probably one of the main reasons why the German girl decided to become an exchange student, so don't worry about being able to speak German to her! In fact, she may want to only communicate in English so that she gets better. Be patient and explain things clearly if she doesn't understand you. If you want to show her that you're interested in her culture, you can look up some greetings in German and, of course, ask her questions! Have fun.

    Source(s): Former exchange student
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    If she's a German exchange student in an English speaking country, I'm gonna guess she already knows English.

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    Go as much as them and speak to them dude and get to understand them seeing that German women are plenty of amusing and fairly freaky in mattress. I simplest understand this seeing that my ex was once German lol have amusing!

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