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Medical insurance for Schengen visa through French Consulate in New York?

Has anyone recently applied for a schengen visa through the French consulate in New York City? The french consulate seems to ask for 3 specific words - "A letter from an insurance company (+ 1 copy) stating that you will be covered for any medical, hospitalization and repatriation expenses (the three words must be written) for at least $45,000 during your stay in the Schengen countries. If your current insurance company does not provide such a coverage, please find an international insurance company (and ask for the letter mentioned above with the three words)"

I have medical insurance and it covers all their requirements but doesn't have the specific work "repatriation". How strict is the embassy? Do i need to buy new insurance just for this?


FYI, my medical insurance definitely covers international repatriation and has no limit (I have pretty good insurance). The only problem is the letter they gave me. It doesn't use the word even though it goes on and on about how much they will cover for all the international repatriation stuff - just using different and simple language. Since the website is VERY specific about what words need to be used, I was wondering if they are that way in person or will they accept different language.

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