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Can i use ABEC 7 bearing on a longboard?

I have a longboard and i was just wondering if i could use the ABEC 7 bearings on my orangatang Stimulus 70mm 83a wheels? Also would the ABEC 7 bearings work better than the ABEC 3 bearings?

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    ABEC is basically meaningless on skates or boards. It is an industrial standard for vibration of high speed precision machines. It is for things running at speeds that would be equivalent to 100-200 mph on skates or a board.

    They will work but may not be any better. Within a brand, most companies use better materials for their higher rated bearings than their cheap ones but some brands use better materials in all their bearings than other use.

    A few of the better companies (Bones, Zero Drag, Twin Cam) have designed their best bearings to roll better by violating the abec specs (ie they do not meet any ABEC spec, but may say something to make you believe that they are ABEC 9).

    Yes, the ABEC 7 bearings will work. No they will not necessarily be faster or better (more durable?). The ABEC 7 bearings have tighter tolerances which can be slower and will not remain that tight when dust or water gets in them.

    An ABEC 3 bearing from a better brand will be better than one from a "no-name" brand.

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    Yes, you can use ABEC 7 bearings on a longboard, and yes, they would be better than ABEC 3's.

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